Monday, August 29, 2011


believe it or not
being silent is somehow the best weapon
the best thing that u can do
whenever u cant take it anymore
i'm a very sensitive person
n seriously i'm not that 'pure' inside
so yeah, it's better to keep it down
i mean not to fight back
coz i seriously agree with the malay idiom
'idiom' ke?
whatever laa
kerana pulut santan binasa
kerana mulut badan binasa
i believe that once i burst,
i may look VERY mean to everyone
n yes people, i really mean it

Wednesday, August 10, 2011


jodoh dan peretemuan
semua tu di tangan Tuhan
tak usah diingat bende yang lalu
mcm la org tu ingat kat kite

hey u woman!
be STRONG la
no matter how hard it's gonna b
ur gonna make it through
forget the past for real
only then everything's gonna b fine

ratio guys to girls kan dah nk balance
ape nk risau?

even if it takes yearssssss
jodoh tu takkan ke mana
tak payah dicari-cari
it's not something that i really have to worry about eh

n yes i do believe in Him
He has planned something really GOOD iA :)