Monday, March 2, 2009

bestest bufday~

I do believe in happy ending.heh

19th bufday??
it might b the lst time to hv my bufday here as a teenager if I happen to go to Canada diz year..
n yet, it has been two years for not clebrating bufday with my bufdaymate, my own syster!!
then ,who shud I choose??
frenz or family?
i've given opportunity to choose, n guess who I chose??
FMLY!!baek x?haha
on saturday, my systa ajk g tgk muvee with her husband n 2 bdk nkl..
tgk muvee pe??GENG- upin ipin!!
haha..xleh blah gle, but criuzly, I had fun!!!
for a Malay animated muvee, I can give 8/10.
pecah prot tgk!!haha
at nite, counttdown for my bufday..
siyes cuak nk taw spe yg first person wish..haha
as expected, Topek was officially da 1st person yg wish coz it's sharp at 12..
tho rmi maen tpu wish minutes before through Ym, msg, etc..haha
i slept around 4a.m, not only melayan frenz yg kol, but also siapkn LAN assignment!
haha, xleh blah, bufday pun kne wat assignment..ish3
on Sunday, bgn awl coz kne tlg kat dapur..heh
most of da menu were my favourites..
laksa, pulut kuning,rojak buah,salsa,etc
n my favourite secret recipe cake!!-blueberry cheese-
m so hepi coz my sys allows me to choose da cake.Yay!!
but then, mase potong cake, ade ati dorunk suro i potong pulut kuning je..
kejam2!!they said nnt kat canada xde pulut kuning..haha
evrythg seems to go well, but I think da celebration is for my sys act.
her frenz keep on coming till nite but none of my frenz were there.
coz i expected dat it'll b only for my family..
the worst thing is my sys din send me back in the evening as wht she has promised..
gle sdeyh coz i wanna b with my frenz asap.
it was raining heavily, n i reached casa a bit late.
smpi sha pun xjd dtg!!huk3
n even topek tbe2 cancel ckp xjd dtg!!
bengot gle, siyes hampeh!!panas gle arhh!!
smpi casa, tros ngadu kat wani, ckp topek xdtg!!huk3..
nk nanges je rase but then evrthyng turned out to b da other way round.
i wanted to kol topek, nk curse+mrh sgt2!!
suddenly wani tarik g living room n guess wut???
TOPEK is in front of me, wif a bufday cake!!
GOSH!!gle hampeh, kne smpi mcm ni..
criuzly, I dun expect it at all~
t'kjut beruk la i ckp smpi xtaw nk ckp pe la.
ni sume keje Wani n Hani, my dear housemates..
n yet, i've da 2nd celebration with frenz..
diz time secrt recipe blueberry cake!!
glo arhh,, mkn blueberry cake je..yummy2!!haha
criuzly, mmg terharu gle arh, wif da gifts, stuffs..
topek gv me a swatch watch n adidas t-shirt..mmg pokai la die afta diz..haha
n hani gv me a frame, tp dh letak our pic,hhu.
farihin, choclte, sje nk gmokkn i
n wani, da surprise was da best gift i think..eheh
n to all, thanx for da wishes n evrythg that make myy bufday as da best at diz moment.
to my dear PHOENIX sisters, thanx for still remembering my bufday
special for sha n aness, korg at 1st mmg sengal gle..
nseb baek xlupe nk wish, but not having u around is waaay differnt!!
miss u guys a lot!!
n not to forget, my starters n juniors esp. yg struggle wish gune public fon..ahaha
n my wishes for da 19th bufday:
-nk gmok sket, xnk pimples dh(tho i rse cm b'tmbh je)
-nk jage my beloved ones baek2
-wanna b a better person, lg solehah, xtggl solat,nk pki bju yg decent sket..eheh
-lastly, nk study leklok!!xmaw maen2 dh..huk3