Friday, August 27, 2010


these days i tend to spend more time with kids.i already have 5 nieces n 7 nephews. i'm quite close with each of them, but only some of them are my favorites! hahah.. bukan nk pilih kasih, but i'm just being realistic. sape yg x mengade lebih, pandai amek hati, pandai make me laugh smpi golek-golek, for sure la i syg, kan??haahaaa..those anak-anak are my lil sweethearts la! if i happen not to get married at all pon, i guess my nephews n nieces are all there to cheer me up. ecewaaahhh!!

this is Umar. he got a new hair cut, n perangai pon makin menjadi-jadi! fuuuhh!
notice the scars on his face!! sgt nakal, but i like him tho! :)
this kid eats a LOT! she keeps on eating, xkesah org kiri n kanan. n she calls herself "dedek".haha
this is what she did when i asked her to 'senyum nmpak gigi'. oh yeah, she's the one singing Bieber's BABY as "bibik, bibik oh, bibik, bibik, oh" instead of "baby baby oh". HAHAHA

budak-budak ni gaye je lebih.haish

after shuffle yg x brape nk menjadi.pengsan sorang2!

here are random pics for some of the nieces n nephews. i have a lot more, tp malas nk cari dh.haha

oh yeah, mase my aunt meninggal haritu, i gotta see some other nephews n nieces jugak. my cousin's kids.
when he passed me, i thought it was a girl. but when i looked at him again, sah2 la si Danish. it's been a while that i din get to see him.rambut pon dh pjg, cm Noh Hujan pon ade.eceee..
 it's so hard to get his picture. well, bdk ensem bajet mahal la kan?!hehe
this is Elina.i found it a bit hard to communicate with her coz she can only understand English n Srawak! :D

surprisingly, she's even bigger than her elder sister!wallaweh kan??n i could still remember when she mad at someone, she was yelling ala2 mak datin gitu: "hey u!!blablabla". ouch. 

Monday, August 23, 2010


"mak, mak, adk mimpi gigi patah malam td"
i was crying while telling my mom this, n if i'm not mistaken, it was last month.
we have this belief;
 whre having such dream means that thre will b someone close to us that gonna leave us forever.
i never thought that it'll b my own aunt, Rohani Zakaria a.k.a Makni.
she's the only my mom's siblings that i din get to see when i reached malaysia.
n i din even remember when was the last time i get to see her.
but i'm still glad that i could still see her for the very last time
i was in kl, with my other siblings n it was after sahur when i got the news.
ya allah, only He knows how i felt at that time
evryone was rushing to  Alor Star, Kedah, from all over Malaysia i guess
evryone speed up, n some even reached 180km/h, just not to miss the jenazah
alhamdulillah, evryone made it, n it was good to see Makni's face again.
she looks like my mom, n of course la coz she's her big sister,kan?
n at the same time i imagined what if that person is my mom??
i culdnt hold my tears evrytime i think about it, coz i think i'll never be ready to lose someone that i love
but Makni's face looks so cool, rase tenang je tengok.
n i even get to kiss her twice, before n after jenazah dimandikan.
muke org meninggal mmg lembut ke??muke Makni pon cm senyum je..
ouch, berair-air jugak kat situ, but they asked to wipe the tears before kissing jenazah
alhamdulillah, Makni looked so good, meninggal pon dlm keadaan beriman, insyaallah
the weather is nice during the funeral, n she's even lucky to die during ramadan
there's so much hikmah for her, with all the prayers from evryone.
she fell while taking wudhuk for solat zohor
she had a stroke attack, admitted to the hospital on friday, n she died on sunday.
it happened too fast, n nobody could expect anything.
Makni is the first one to die in my mom's family tho she's not the eldest
it was a big loss to us coz our silaturrahim is sooooo good.
we have our own 3R (Rohani, Rohana n Ramlah)
Makni's gone, n we only left with my mom n Mak Anjang.
thre will b no more 3R, no more "all the memekak stuffs", no more crazy jokes from  3 of them
we're gonna miss Makni, semoge rohnya dicucuri rahmat.amin

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

current passion

i dunno y, but i fall in luv in baking cupcakes! Haha. Cupcakes aren't my fav tho, but yeah, i have fun making them, decorating every single cup, with not-so-creative i guess business is my thing as well.that's y i'm now busy with so-called cupcakes business!! It was just for fun actually, since i've nothing much to do these days.travelling time is over, no more hangouts, no more 'ronggeng' here n thre coz it's time to b mom's lil sweetie.ecewah! Oh here got some pics of my own cupcakes! Please excuse the decoration. I din go to any baking classes anyways, n that's y they're not that awesome ye!!

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