Saturday, November 5, 2011

raye ke?

BUSY BUSY BUSY! oh wow i've been complaining for the past few weeks i believe. yes, school is getting busier, tougher, and annoying! lol i just felt like travelling and HAVE FUN out there. aigooo! studying on friday night is even worse, and yet people back home is busy preparing for the eid. nice gituuuuuu!! arghhh! I WANNA GO HOMEEEEE BADLY!!! glad that my family called when i was studying in the library? lol, good timing indeed! been busy back then that i couldnt have time to talk to my mom. difference in time is urrghh, annoying! everyone is home, not everyone coz some siblings have to go to their in laws'. but of course half of us is already 'macam nk pecah rumah'. big family indeed! i even asked my mom what should i cook for the eid? n seriously i jot down the recipe in my BMSC but the best part was when my mom showed me BAJU RAYE that she bought from her so-called Cik Kiah Bandung trip with my aunts and uncles. Seriously baju raye for next year? mak cakap 'adik balek malaysia baru ukur n hantar jahit acording to her new fashion style. haha seriously balek malaysia?! i wish i have that much money to go homeeeeeee! aigoo naseb baek tahan nanges though kne bahan with my own niece since my friends were around.  humm how i MISS THEM  badly right now. homesick gituuuu! :P

Monday, October 10, 2011

ur just not up to my standard, gitu!

malaysians loveeee drama!
arghhh stop pissing me off pls!
coz i'm boiling inside, seriously
when i reach the limit
u wouldnt see me as i am right now
aaarrghhhhh marah hell org yg tak paham bahase ni!!!
damn, i got my own so-called standard, whatver!
ok, that kind of person is not meant for TKC girls!
like seriously, i think none of my PHOENIX sisters can handle that person!
hahah overr gitu!

wow i'm glad that i had a 'girls talk' with a friend that i could actually trust here :)
wallaweyhhh, banyak betol drama dalam hidup ni

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

All is well iA

org cakap jgn mengeluh, tak baek
oh well i got so many things to say
but maybe i'll just talk about some stuffs

i'm BACK in Saskatoon, a place that I would love to explore more
hidden beauty, indescribable uniqueness n yes beautiful people
so here I am, meeting my awesome Toon hooligans again
i went back for 2months but they feel like it was more than that
'how was ur bf? did u lose weight? how's travelling? etc.
'i see ur awesome pictures'!
the first 2 questions mmg tak bole blah
well i didnt meet my so called bf, but i met my crazyyyy PHOENIX girlfriendsssss
i didnt have a good apetite for some reasons but i ate what i needed to eat
oh n i SWEAT a lot too!
balek malaysia turon 2.5 kg okaaay! gilo
basically the 2 months that i spent wasnt toooo great
time flew so fast eh?
i was a bit disappointed that i didnt get to have 'my own time with mom'
i wanted to travel or at least shopping would do
just like last time
she got other commitments i believe :(
but basically i had a good time with my family n relatives
2 years shouldnt feel like 20 years, hopefully
looking forward to graduate n earn my own money! :)

i had a bad dream a few days ago. something related to my family, a sad one n i even cried badly. n yet, i got a call 2 days ago from Malaysia. mak was admitted to the hospital. only Allah knows how i feel at that time. I was scared to death coz I'm still stuck in Canada if something happens. I was sick that I thought I needed my mom. But I guess mak needs her kids more for the moment. I've been updated by my bro n sys n even my niece about mak's conditions. haish jgnla homesick. All is well iA. yeah keep telling myself to b cool with it or at least act cool about it. get well soon mak! i wish i'm right beside u at this time :(

Monday, August 29, 2011


believe it or not
being silent is somehow the best weapon
the best thing that u can do
whenever u cant take it anymore
i'm a very sensitive person
n seriously i'm not that 'pure' inside
so yeah, it's better to keep it down
i mean not to fight back
coz i seriously agree with the malay idiom
'idiom' ke?
whatever laa
kerana pulut santan binasa
kerana mulut badan binasa
i believe that once i burst,
i may look VERY mean to everyone
n yes people, i really mean it

Wednesday, August 10, 2011


jodoh dan peretemuan
semua tu di tangan Tuhan
tak usah diingat bende yang lalu
mcm la org tu ingat kat kite

hey u woman!
be STRONG la
no matter how hard it's gonna b
ur gonna make it through
forget the past for real
only then everything's gonna b fine

ratio guys to girls kan dah nk balance
ape nk risau?

even if it takes yearssssss
jodoh tu takkan ke mana
tak payah dicari-cari
it's not something that i really have to worry about eh

n yes i do believe in Him
He has planned something really GOOD iA :)

Saturday, July 30, 2011


this is not the summer that i want
for some reasons
i just cant wait to go back to Canada
maybe i dont belong to this place anymore
or maybe
i'm too sensitive about everything
n even the day i landed
i've already stressed myself out too much
i'll come back again when everything has settled down 

Friday, May 13, 2011


i managed to 'like' someone again but after i get closer to that someone, (almost everyday jumpe or just online n do crazy stuffs or whatever) i dont feel anything anymore. ouch.not once or twice but couple of times already :( maybe i get bored easily or or they're just not my type! HAHAHA!  n please please please dont show interest in me coz i just hate it. i'd rather live without knowing how others feel about me. being in relationship is a serious matter for me coz i just dont give a sh** in my life! no more drama or whatever u wanna call it coz i cant handle it anymore. i'm happy being single but for some reasons i dont like how i feel right now. i'm not being ignorant or deniable of what's happening around me, but i think i'm just too scared of taking the risk! oh what a chicken! what should i do? *ok study rajin2 pastu habeskan duit JPA* perfect! :D