Saturday, November 5, 2011

raye ke?

BUSY BUSY BUSY! oh wow i've been complaining for the past few weeks i believe. yes, school is getting busier, tougher, and annoying! lol i just felt like travelling and HAVE FUN out there. aigooo! studying on friday night is even worse, and yet people back home is busy preparing for the eid. nice gituuuuuu!! arghhh! I WANNA GO HOMEEEEE BADLY!!! glad that my family called when i was studying in the library? lol, good timing indeed! been busy back then that i couldnt have time to talk to my mom. difference in time is urrghh, annoying! everyone is home, not everyone coz some siblings have to go to their in laws'. but of course half of us is already 'macam nk pecah rumah'. big family indeed! i even asked my mom what should i cook for the eid? n seriously i jot down the recipe in my BMSC but the best part was when my mom showed me BAJU RAYE that she bought from her so-called Cik Kiah Bandung trip with my aunts and uncles. Seriously baju raye for next year? mak cakap 'adik balek malaysia baru ukur n hantar jahit acording to her new fashion style. haha seriously balek malaysia?! i wish i have that much money to go homeeeeeee! aigoo naseb baek tahan nanges though kne bahan with my own niece since my friends were around.  humm how i MISS THEM  badly right now. homesick gituuuu! :P

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