Thursday, December 31, 2009



warming up

finally, I could try bumper car!

space twister

pirate ship


loops that could compress ur head n u'll feel like a tortoise

but we can still smile in front of da camera. cayalah!

peace for da cameraaaaa!

4 dare pingitan

 *happy faces*

had so much fun, peninga pale, saket tengkuk bcause of da loops. t was awesome, yet a brutal one. But i'll surely try it again!besssssst sgt! herm, at da same time, it reminds me of Genting trips with my frens...rindu korang la!

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Sunday, December 27, 2009


Excited, n I tot it wasn't dat hard!
Tersungkur, tergolek, terbaring,,
Lenguh+saket tgn, lutut n tuuut,
Berlanggar, berlage, more than 3 times..
But hey, I'm not giving up!!
Coz I'm pretty sure dat I cn get da skills one sweet day..
N I will definitely go for snowboarding again..
*dh berduit nnt nk bli snowboard la.haha*

Practice lg, ok??

Muke pnat n xlarat

Some of da beginners yg d trained by 'instructors' (which r actually some seniors of UofA)

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Saturday, December 26, 2009

Boxing day attack!!!

One word,
Guess, GAP, fcuk,Nine West, Abercrombie&Fitch, The North Face, Esprit, Calvin Klein,
U're mine nowwww!!
low prices, long q, lenguh kaki, rambang mate, duet habesss,
But I'm totally satisfied!!
BIG Smilesssss :))))

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Wednesday, December 23, 2009

toboggan @ whitemud park!

 we got our toboggans @ Canadian Tire last nite
n today, we went to Whitemud Park!
excitedddddddddddd sbb 1st time!haha
*eh2, nape xde org? r u sure diz park bole gune for sliding??
mmg gle la kte, bas driver pun pelik to drop us here..
gle x gle!
xkesaaaahhh la. alang2 dh smpi maen jela pape yg patut, an?*

bercanda di tepian silap, snow!

 dh lame2, kaki beku dowh..
mase ni xjumpe slope lg, tp dh excited maen..haha
n jln punye jln, we finally found da slope!
owh gembirenye hati!
gosh, kaki tangan beku!!!!
*excuse me, cn we get into ur car?just for a while coz our hands n feet are freezing rite now*
(muke xmalu+tebal, minx tumpang kete org sbb dh xthn sgt.hahha)
n afta dat..


bajet expert jap..
tp before dat minx tlg gak sorg bdk ni
he told me where shud i start
nk flat je ke nk bumpy?
of course la nk flat2 dlu, kn?
tp criuzly, da slope is sooooo gud!

snow masoooooooookk mulut!!
nxt time kne pakai mask or lilit2 tudung
xtahan, tp sgt besssssssttttt!!
 but have to surrender awl sbb sejuk sgttttttttt!!
bkn sjuk sgt pun, tp kaki dh beku smpi xlrt nk jln!
nxt time, gotta dress well
new boots are essential!
paling pntg, we din spend a single penny!!
betape jimat n behave nye kami hari ini. ;)

Monday, December 21, 2009


5th day of hols
Sy sudah penaaaattt!!
Bcause I walked a lot, merayau-rayau
Dgn Edmonton yg sgt tebal with snow
Shopping smpi x igt dunie, but still brjaye xbli brg mhl2 sgt

I got this Esprit dress dgn hrge yg murah
*sgt puas ati*
But then need to surender awl fr today's shopping
Coz I'm damn tired!!
I stay up tgk Korean drama yg ade org pnah suro tgk
Which I think kinda ridiculous!!
I need to get rid of him
But I watched da drama for like hourssssss
mlm smpi tghari da next day
I finished 25 episodes in 2days
It was a good drama, xrugi tgk!
But now, I need to fix my sleeping time
Must be back to normal again!!
Or else, i will b like today,
Pnat, n jln dh x betol which causes me to stop shopping earlier
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Saturday, December 19, 2009

i loveeeeeeeeeee hols!

i love hols so much!!
sbb dpt bgn lmbt,
no need to pg skola,
n bole jalan2 n shopping puas2
nk g mane cuti ni??
(sbb xde duit nk naek flight g tmpt laen)
but siyesly naek bas for 5hours in canada is a good idea.
saket pinggang kot, x mcm malaysia punye bas! ;(

shopping @ west Ed mall
(da largest mall in North America)
dh xmaw g sane slalu coz bole bankrap kaw2 la..
so i'll just wait for boxing dayyyy!!!!

n yeah, i like my new jacket!!
thanx to Ainaa yg brjaye hasut i to buy diz Guess jacket
which is actually on sale..(mmg murah gle la..puas ati!!)

n here is miss ainaa yg kuat makan!!
owh..da *flirt cupcakes* were damn nice!!

i'm gonna spend 2 weeks in Edmonton
n i'm looking forward for a lot more
*in a way trying to make myself happy*
bcause da *problem* is still bugging me!!

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

I h8 u!!

U created smilessss on my face
But u let tears to roll down on my cheek
I put my hopes n dreams on u
But u screwed it up!!
If this is not going well, we shud decide on something..
For now, I hate u so much!
N u'll b da main reason if I screw up my last paper tomorrow!!
Sorry, but I really mean it diz time.dun txt me coz I off my phone. ;(

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Sunday, December 6, 2009

MSD dinner

Dinner at Hilton Hotel
It was soooo much fun!!
Pn Zalilah is damn friendly, as well as her husband
So much gelak ketawe..
Criuzly I laughed a lot
Without realizing dat my first final exam is less than 12hours from now!!
Ok, enough for dat!
Gotta study
n I shud b worried on how to wake up early tomorrow since Aziza has left for Mexico.
Pray for me people!!
I need to get up early, n not to miss da bus!
Or I'll b l8 for da 9am paper..
"Ya Allah, ya tuhanku,
Kurniakanlah ku ketenangan dn kemudahan utk mjawab soalan peperiksaan yg bermula pd esok hari"
Amin ya rabbal alamin..

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Thursday, December 3, 2009

exam mood

ssh sgt..
pning pale, ngantok, lpr,,,

tp gagahkn jugak
nggak maw dean's list ka??
klu maw,