Thursday, April 30, 2009

si sengal

name chipmunk ni kookoo...
tupai sy yg bg..
sy syg tupai sy..
tp die slalu sengal..
smlm team ARSENGAL die klh ngn my team, MAN U..
kepuasan hati sgt..ske2..hheh
dsebabkn team sengal die klh, die pun agak sengal arini..
si sengal sgt kuat jelez..
arini xpasl2 kne sound..huk3..
tp die try utk kurangkn kesengalan die..
tho sy yg cr psl arini..(kot la)
he admits his mistake
sbb die xnk sy sdeyh
n dat's y i luv si sengal..
no matter how sengal he is,
i'll try to take care of him..

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

setahun yg indah

dlu, ble ckp psl couple..
dorhh!!borink2..xde freedom!
n even dh nekad xkn couple smpi abez blaja..
mse kat tkc dlu, siap bet ngn room8, spe couple dlu..haha
tp berjaye thn smpi abez skola..
ble dh abez skola, rse cm nk plak!
pelik2..n kbtulan ade si die yg mmnuhi syarat2..
huahua..xtaw nape..tercouple jua akhirnye..
n today, ckup stahun dh..
our 1st anniversary..
it has been a great moment with him..
i learned lots of things about guys..
@ girls' school, nothing much that we cn know bout guys..
we've gone through many things togeda..
ssh, sng,, everythg..
he's been a great supporter..
he's always there when i need him..
n now i think i've found my mr. perfect.
he's not perfect, but he's good enough for me..
i dun think i would dare to lose him
n find someone else..
no way!!insyaallah..heh
i really hope dat we cn have a happy ending..
but it's kinda frustrating
because people that make us to be at this point are no longer togeda
guys, i really hope dat all of us could have happy ending..
thanx for da good deed n pray for our happiness..
n to my mr. perfect, luv u soo much!ooops!

miz this moment..hope to have it again..

(with pyan n zan also)

thanx guys..heh

wish for a happy ending..amin..