Thursday, March 3, 2011

Say no to BF!

I know everyone thinks that i wrote this but trust me it wasnt meeeeee!! after having a thorough investigation, i found out that 3 of my frens involved. Omg, they hacked my fb n putting me in a very bad situation coz everyone thinks i'm so desperate!!! it happened on my birthday n everyone could see this stupid status on their home page.come on guys, i'm not that desperadooooo!! Please dont get it wrong, coz i just cant delete the status. i need to explain to everyone that it wasnt me who wrote it n the most important thing is that i hve to b fair to my fren.coz i hacked his fb n telling everyone that he's out of the closet, which simply means he's gay!! LOL.i know it's a bit too much since he's been attacked by his frens like crazy. But unfortunately, i even had worse than that!!! Everyone is making fun of me at school regarding the resume thingy n many people think i'm desperate for bf!! Durrhhh, my main point here, i dont give a damn to have a BF coz i like my single life now.well, i may flirt around, n hang out with any guys that i want but never crossed in my mind to have a serious relationship in the meantime! Of courseeee!! Being single is so much fun, so girlsss out there, SAY NO TO BF!! Suro mak je cari calon laki, ape susah!! Hahaha!

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Heart attack!

I didnt expect anything on my birthday n i wasnt in a good mood either.Pee-em-es maybe! But anyhow i tried to give my very best expressions to everyone, so i act as cool as i can. All the wishes on fb n text messages really made my day, i mean according to southern hemisphere.if i'm home, i'll probably celebrate it with my sister n nephew since we have the same birthday. Homesick, feeling so depressed with everything, missing someone that i shouldnt, that's the worse state of emotion that i couldnt handle. I even waited for a call that will never happen again. So i decided to stay in school till very late, feeling anxious of what's gonna happen whn the clock strikes 12.i'm telling everyone that i'm not gonna throw a party n i'm not planning to have a party as well since i'm not in a good nothing happens at 12 coz i was walking home at that time :((

I opened the door. Assa..(trying to give salam) someone came out from the closet n seriously i swear to god that was the most scariest shock that i ever had! I screamed like crazy n i think i might even hugged my friend right away.but thank god i didnt coz that could b a big scandal in school.haha!shoot, seriously it was a 'HEART ATTACK' of the year, my heart hurts a lot but maybe because of too much shis*** too! Ooppss! n yeah they've actually planned so many things for me.well planned, seriously!! Too much drama, too much cheating so that i wouldnt notice anything. The cheesecake, gifts, food, movie, shisha n we stayed up till 4am. Who cares,it's my birthday!

So yeah that's the only picture that i got on my birthday.too much surprises that i couldnt snap anything.but one thing for sure i'll remember my 21st birthday forever.u guys are awesomeeee!! :))

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