Saturday, April 30, 2011

just bear with it :(

i dont wanna b an asshole
i dont wanna b selfish
no matter how hard it's gonna be
i just have to bear with it
stop complaining,
coz human beings are just like that
not everyone knows how to appreciate others
i shouldnt expect too much in life
so i'll take this as a challenge
to make me stronger insyaallah :)
 *only if everyone understands me, i dont think i'll hurt this much :( *

Sunday, April 24, 2011

hello :) eh salam sounds better i guess

ke hadapan blog yg dicintai. i miss u so much. sorry for 'ditching' u for almost 2 months but i guess i'm back now! my dearie place where i can share whatever i want; for the time being i'm pissed for so much sh** that happened but i know i have to endure pls b with me coz i'll need u in the future when i'm done's not easy. that's what i keep on telling myself n yeah it's something ugly that turned out to b truth. or maybe i should just use this blog to talk about my cakap look for the future, not the past.hell yeah. past is something that's gonna hurt me more :( goodnite world