Thursday, October 29, 2009

it's not easy, isn't it??

when i screwed up ICPU
i've learnt a BIG lesson
n dat's y i'm here
to start a new life
a very new page
to find myself
to learn what does life mean
n wut are da survival skills
but i realize dat LIFE IS NOT EASY
challenges come in between
n ALLAH knows what's best for u n for me
when u expect things to be good
but they turn out to b da other way round,
u wud think dat u're such a BIG LOSER!!!
there are gud reasons behind all these
n its only U,
only U that will decide
what n how u should deal with them
I want people to have faith in me
i'm not a loser forever
i decided to do what i think will b gud for me
my aim in this university is to get excellent results
 DISTINCTION, specifically
n da first thing is to get an average of 80% for da first year
so dat JPA will trust me again
i know that distinction is waaaay harder to achieve
but it's not wrong to aim for dat, aite?

this building will be significant for my whole life
i really hope that i can have my parents n da whole family to be here
but diz time with BBIIIGGG SMILES
full of satisfaction
taking pictures, hugs n kisses in front of diz building
but will it be possible???
the hopes that i have r really killing me
coz it's not easy, isn't it??

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

dat was awesome!!

it's all about my "beloved" phy lab
i wud usually be frustrated by now but indeed today's lab is totally differnt!!
the lab coordinator is still "bad"
but diz time my lab partner made a huge diffrnce!
LC: u're not supposed to do it this way n u shud b doing blablabla...,,
Holly: can u plz don't talk to me like dat, like I'm a STUPID???
and her tears started to roll down
WOW!!wut a big surprise!!
i din expect dat she cud burst out and cried in front of me n even da TA??
gosh! she seems to b strong n happy go lucky person
yeah, but i know she cudnt just stand it anymore
i wuz unhappy as well for being treated like a stupid person
coz we're still in da process of learning, aite??
we do need help n dat's y we ask questions
but da gud thing is..
the TA n LC treat us better after dat
the TA is usually being nice to us but diz time he is even nicer
as well as da LC
n for da first time we managed to complete everything!!
da whole thing for da first time!
can u imagine dat??
we failed our first lab, (extremely terrible)
getting a better mark for 2nd lab (but still not a gud one)
n now we really hope dat we can get EXCELLENT mark for da next lab
dat we had today
the best thing is when da TA said:
"everything looks gud to me"
WOW!!dat was awesome
bcause all diz while we just heard like
"these figures dont look gud to me" or mayb "u better do it again coz diz is totally out"
I'm so grateful today
both of us happy
da thing is,
her tears made a huge diffrence
but we made it coz we tried to b strong!!
thanx Holly!!
i've told her to cry more to get gud marks.
we cn b gud frenz nway

Monday, October 26, 2009

nk duit!nk duit!!

"ur account has been suspended coz u've exceeded ur credit limit"
wut da tuuuut???
owh, i shud become the fan of:
"stop ROGERS n FIDO from screwing Canada"
i've taken loads of plan which i think wud be convenient for me
but indeed diz kinda money- grabbing thingy is killing me
I'm broke n I dun have money to pay da bill!!
i've paid da one dat appears on the fido store's screen
n my account is still not being activated
i kept on going to da fido store
n kept on calling the customer service
but i'll always get differnt informations from them
fed up nk mampos lyn mnde2 alah ni
it's all about da money
no matter how hard u save da money
dat wudn't b enough to survive in diz country
nk duiT!!nk DUIT!!
is thre anyone yg baek hati wants to give me some money??
JPAku syg, masokkn la duit cpat2
need to reactivate my phone account ASAP
or maybe org2 kat m'sia baek hati nk top upkn my mlysian numbr??

Friday, October 16, 2009

GUD things to start with

diz morning mak kol
k.jehan buat open house so rmi ade kat her house
mak tanye adk sehat x??
of course la i jwb sehat..hahaha
then i ckp, mak nnt pos brg makan kat adk byk2..
n here goes the list:
nk rempah ratus, cube tomyam, sub bunjut
nk sardin packet nk blablablabla...
mak ckp berat la nnt
tp i ckp xpela mak, sket2 pun xpe sbb nk save duit, xnk spend on food byk2
sbb duit dh abez byr duit umah..
scare x sengaje i started to tell her my probs~~
mak, duit dh abez sbb byr duit umah,
adk pindah umah baru sbb xnk duduk ngan membe laki
n sewe situ mhl, dats y pindah
n akibatnye xpsl2 dh rugi cad1100 ats angin cmtu je
tp plg xpuas ati ble slalu kne maki hamun ngan landlord lame tu
sedeyh sgt, huk3.
study cmne plak? ok?
em, mule2 aritu x ok sgt sbb byk sgt probs
byk bnde kne pk, hal umah lg, mmg xstable, study pun xbrape nk ok
tp skrg dh ok dh, dh bleh score ok sket
mak ckp adk jgn maen2 la dugaan namenye
SABAR jela.duit boleh dicari, jgn risau,k..
wuargh..sdeyh2, pg2 dh nanges,
but diz is like my booster for da day!!
It's a gud start nway~~
but then, i'm alreday late for da claz at dat time
n yeah, i was rushing for the bus, but a few seconds means a lot!!
i missed the bus for like how many times i cnt remember..hahaha
n as usual, i had to walk
but Friday is full of barakah..
suddenly Sara and Mike who might see me walking by the road, called me  n gave me a ride..
wooo..thank god!!everything seems good till now
coz da old landlord is going to see me n yeah, he's da "spoiler" of my life ere

Thursday, October 15, 2009

i'm broke!!!

this really tests my "survival skill"
duit dh tggl sket
jpa msok lmbt lg
cmne nk survive
owh, i'm BROKE!!
this is all bcause of dat stupid lease!!
omg!!if i knew it earlier, i'd rather stay at da hotel
da only thing dat makes me happy is of da studies
it's getting better~~~
more FOCUS coz i dun wanna think of da problems dat i have
just let others say whatever they want
i have to b strong, n remember da objective of being here
nk masok dean's list
nk dpt DISTINCTION (aim high sket..haha)
nk prove to everyone dat i'm a biotech ppl!
not mdcine or even engineering
others plz go way from me!
xmaw2!nk bio related je.haha