Wednesday, May 5, 2010

it was a blast!

if people asked me, how do i like saskatoon, i would answer that it's a great place!! my first year in the UofS itself was awesome.i'm so grateful for having such a nice campus, with friendly staffs n GOOD friends. i've learned so many things since i came to a place called saskatoon, or maybe i like to call it as my 2nd "kampong". at first, i found it a bit hard to adapt with the environment, but now i could say that i have saskatoon in my heart.ece..gile ah ayat ni.haha. seriously, my first 8 months are unforgettable.n the time that i spent with my new friends would b in memories forever. all the hangouts, ice cream, asian restaurants, chocolates, movie nights, fun trips,soccer, badminton, squash,gym, dancing classes, yoga, wall climbing, study groups, n so on would b my "kenangan terindah la"!maybe it's because i'm faaar away from my family and my other good friends, that's why i think they have the shoulders that i can cry on, or maybe figures that i can laugh of. knowing them for only a few months is enough to make me feel sad when i have to be apart from them for 4 months. i felt like crying when they sent me at the bus depot before i left to edmonton. they are among the good friends that i've ever known. thanks for brighten up my days with laughter n ur craziness, guys.i'm gonna miss u!! have a good summer, n see ya next term :))

we're planning to have our own time capsule as well. we don't need 100 years to be good friends, coz the only thing that we need is sincerety, n not not to forget, LOVE.
we still have 3 more years to be together, n i REALLY hope that we can have a blast for the time that we have. mmg syg korang la! <3

oh yeah, i'm so happy coz i've got my "BESTFRIEND" back!! *the quotation mark means a lot though*