Monday, February 28, 2011

my toon town friends are just awesome! :)

reading week is over!! the week is not spent wisely but i had soooooo much fun with my friends here!! having our so called parties maybe every 2 days, doing some crazy stuffs, staying out late that we even had to wait for the first bus in the morning. those days were awesome coz i had crazzyyyyy people around. being in saskatoon isnt a bad choice after all coz i never thought i would meet those people in my life. they're from all over the world so as time passes we manage to learn different cultures n languages. during the break, i didnt travel at all, but only went to Table Mountain for snowboarding. omg, that was the best snowboarding trip so faaarrrr! tho i didnt manage to master the forward carving n the turns, but i'm still happy with my snowboarding skills right now. n i just love my snowboarddd!! winter i will aim for Whistler Mountain, the place where they used for winter olympics.

since i only slept for 1 hour 2 days ago, so yesterday i end up sleeping for almost 17 hourssss!! like seriously that was the longest sleep that i ever had in my life!! now i should just go for my new resolution which is not to skip claaassesss at all!! hehe