Wednesday, September 21, 2011

All is well iA

org cakap jgn mengeluh, tak baek
oh well i got so many things to say
but maybe i'll just talk about some stuffs

i'm BACK in Saskatoon, a place that I would love to explore more
hidden beauty, indescribable uniqueness n yes beautiful people
so here I am, meeting my awesome Toon hooligans again
i went back for 2months but they feel like it was more than that
'how was ur bf? did u lose weight? how's travelling? etc.
'i see ur awesome pictures'!
the first 2 questions mmg tak bole blah
well i didnt meet my so called bf, but i met my crazyyyy PHOENIX girlfriendsssss
i didnt have a good apetite for some reasons but i ate what i needed to eat
oh n i SWEAT a lot too!
balek malaysia turon 2.5 kg okaaay! gilo
basically the 2 months that i spent wasnt toooo great
time flew so fast eh?
i was a bit disappointed that i didnt get to have 'my own time with mom'
i wanted to travel or at least shopping would do
just like last time
she got other commitments i believe :(
but basically i had a good time with my family n relatives
2 years shouldnt feel like 20 years, hopefully
looking forward to graduate n earn my own money! :)

i had a bad dream a few days ago. something related to my family, a sad one n i even cried badly. n yet, i got a call 2 days ago from Malaysia. mak was admitted to the hospital. only Allah knows how i feel at that time. I was scared to death coz I'm still stuck in Canada if something happens. I was sick that I thought I needed my mom. But I guess mak needs her kids more for the moment. I've been updated by my bro n sys n even my niece about mak's conditions. haish jgnla homesick. All is well iA. yeah keep telling myself to b cool with it or at least act cool about it. get well soon mak! i wish i'm right beside u at this time :(