Thursday, April 22, 2010

will U wait for me??

i've been thinking these days n i've decided on something..i found it hard to forget u n i dunno y i'm so stupid that i'm still waiting for u..i've been stalking ur fb profile for evry single day, i've been waiting for ur txt messages n calls. but i heard nothing from u..maybe i should start to accept the fact that i'm no longer important in ur life n u may not even care bout me anymore.. all my so called "move-on plans" seem to not work out very well coz i still think or maybe relate anything that i do with has been 3 months, but i still can't forget u..i've read an article in ur fb profile, regarding "couple"'s about the good things of not having that kind of made me think'll b great if u dumped me because of that reason.i would probably understand n that's y i came up with a thought. i dun wanna go for a serious relationship, but it'll only be for's good that i dun have any feelings in guys in 4 years time, my heart should b good to accept someone in my life.someone, which is U! but for now i'm just wondering if u'll b thre for me at that time. WILL U WAIT FOR ME?? i can keep my words that i wont find someone else to replace u coz i just want my heart to b knocked'll b great if u have the same thought as me.and it'll b so goooood if u dont find someone else to replace me..i miss u, but thre's nothing i can do.i can only express it through my writings. n today, it should b our 2nd anni..u might forget about it, but i'll never ever forget it. u, happy anniversary sayang. 
this cowgirl misses her cowboy so much!!*ouch*

for some reasons, i really really really want u to read this.but i know it's kinda possible for u to read my post like u used to thre any other way that i can tell u about what i feel??hah!!sudah2 la tu..*ayat from some of my frens* wtv it is, i'll go with the flow..kalau ade, ade la..we can only plan, but ALLAH will decide the BEST for us.insyaallah..

Thursday, April 8, 2010


Easter break sgt dimanfaatkan dgn melepak n have fun with frens.

Lepak tepi jln pun jadi la..n frisbee jugak!nice2

Bdk2 jakun tgk sungai.haha

Saskatchewan river yg dh melt

pic taken right before being attacked with a group of kids who thought dat we're BAD strangers.haha.
N then lepak at rocio's place.

Oh yeah,i made kuew tiow goreng.special request from my frens.

We ate kuew tiow goreng n pancakes.mkn smpi kenyang n then maen klu ade rock band lagi best kot.wtv.lepak smpi mlm n then pegi campus. I slept over campus act.Lepak at residence's lounge,tgk tv n then muvee marathon.we watched 3muvees.we ate n talked a many stuffs.sleep over campus sbb nk tgk bola rmi2 u vs chelsea. Mule2 dh smgt dh.last2 i'm da only one left to watch the game.agak boring kot. Dh la siot je.haish.afta suboh baru tdo,which is only for 3hours. then took shower at the gym.gile sempoi ah.breakfst budk resi supply.n then pegi maen bola.1st time maen at the field coz the weather is so good. 2hours at the field caused my skin to b a bit darker now.but x kesah la..gile puas kot maen.tho thre were only 2girls,i din feel awkward at all.janji niat nk bersukan.ece..ksimpulannye,the long weekend has been spent wisely utk bersuke rie.coz da nxt day,we started studying again,like is just around da corner kot. Oh crap!
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