Sunday, February 28, 2010

baru la bole action!! :)

now i can proudly say that i'm studying in Canada.I think i've tried all kinds of winter games, except one, curling. but i'm going for curling maybe somewhere around nxt week.or may be i've missed some games, but for now, i've tried toboganning,snowboarding,skating, broom ball n finally i went for skiing today!!so baru la bole action sket, kn?x tere pon, but at least penah try.experience tu yg penting!! ye dak??, skiing for the first time was awesome!but da "awesomeness" was triggered by an accident! hahaha..i found it a bit funny though, but it's so painful!while skiing down da bunny hill(for beginners), i cant stop da ski, n i tot dat i will hit my fren at da front. but surprisingly, i just passed him n hit something else, which is a HUT!!

see!look at how "kemek" is dat thing now! n u shud imagine da impacts on me!

"hey, u're bleeding!" i was like, wut??man, pls dont do this to me!!~~
my cheek cant stop bleeding, n da lady in the hut helped me to stop da blood. 

 nk nanges ke x??saket glee kott!!! *but i can still smiling n laughing though*
with my new "weird" face.pipi seblah bengkak, n dagu as well!hahhha
*TRAUMA kejap*
I feel like giving up, till at one point i wanted to change to snowboarding.but i dunno y, i still gve a try, but feeling so scared of hitting the hut again.saket kot!!but surprisingly, i got to learn how to ski well n how to stop myself! n that led us to da bigger hill!keep moving people!! i was agak "glamour" afta hitting da hut. so like some people just approached me n telling dat falling is a good key to learn!owh yeah! it's totally CORRECT!! i learn faster afta dat incident, as in i never fall again at da barney hill..:)) so it's time for da lift!! owh, thre's another thing.i tried da T-bar to go up on da hill faster, instead of taking da lift.but it's not easy, hey. at first, i tried it alone n fell down terribly.n 2nd time, i wanted to go with shrey, as in to go side by side. but this is more funny coz we fell down badly.n it's not easy to get up with ski!!i dun wanna embarrass myself anymore so i just left n take da lift. but shrey kept on trying for like 4 times.haha.lawak seyh. looks easy, right?but it is NOT, ppl!

in conclusion, snowboarding is waaaayy easier than *skiing. but snowboarding is a lot of FUN!!!so i wud prefer snowboarding! was a gud trip though, having a gud group of friends. thanx guys! it's a good day tho many things my "accident". n when Rocio left her bag @ tim horton's in North Battleford which is like 138km away from saskatoon.we reached saskatoon around 7pm, but we had to go back to North Battleford again, just to take the bag since thre's a lot of documents n credit card in thre. so it took us like 3++hour to go thre n come back to saskatoon.n we were almost running out of gas!man, tercuak jugak mase tu!!lampu warning pon dh menyale n we're still in da highway..gosh!!coz da worse case scenario wud b "sleeping in the car". gle ah!!n shrey told me "to pray to God".coz i'm getting panicked..hahaha..bagos btol!!but we're lucky again coz we managed to reach the gas station on time..fuuuuuuuhhh..lege! :) n now looking forward to play bowling tomorrow!hehe

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

i think i fall in luv again

i dunno y, but dat figure keeps on catching my eyes today.most of the time during the class was spent by staring at him.i was more attracted to look at him, than looking at the screen.n i dunno y, but i'll be smiling whenever i see his face.n afta da class, i was hoping badly, to bump into him so dat he can "tegur" me..siap set time agk2 bole kluar class same2 x.. shooott!!kenape mesti 'dup dap dup dap'?? gosh, he was just behind me n i have no guts to call him. walking down da hallway, he was later at the front, but rushing for something... man, he din see me ke??gle downn!! but da thing is, i know him during the skating party.he was actually da one who started da conversation.he said that he's in my chem class.i always see him around,but never get da chance to know him.we had fun together,as if we've known each other before.siap ajak race lagi tho at dat time was my first time of skating.amek kau, tergolek-golek jugak atas rink tu!haha..starting from that moment, i think he has something that attracts me.but the worse part is, we never ask names.bersembang bagai nk rak, without knowing who is dat person.coz da 1st question dat i asked him was:"hey, whre are u from??" gle salah strategy. nxt time, 1st question shud be name ok??haish..But today, i really wanna know his, i can't stop smiling when i think of "how desperately i wanna know his name".. haha.. gelak sorg2 je..or mayb ANGAU! i tot i couldn get the chance today, but miracle always happen.when i stop thinking about him, he suddenly "muncul".when i was walking down the staircase, he was just behind me!wah, peluang bagos!!n yeah, finally,,the momnt that i've been waiting for..i talked to him, a conversation that can make me smile till now.n i got to know why he was rushing, n he din see me earlier..heh,,i'm pretty sure he'll tegur if seeing me around..ngahaha..adoyhhh.. gle CAER laa..asl la ur face sweet sgt..haiya..n now i know his name!!caya la!!i think he can be my "pengubat luke". *tersengih-sengih sorg2*eh, lupe nk tanye: "are u on facebook??" yg mcm dlm vday muvee tuu..ngahahaha..sengal~~

p/s:jgn amek serious with this post.saje suke-suke.It's impossible to get him coz he's not a muslim :( tp ajk kluar dating boleh x?? boleh kotttt!!hahahaha :))

Monday, February 22, 2010

an update, i guess

man, i've been staring on the screen for like hours, not knowing things that i should write. i gave myself one month to start thinking of a "new" life. I guess one month is not enough, but let's "PRETEND" that I'm OK now. For some reasons, I wish that person never exist in my life, coz i find it harder each day, struggling with the new path, without realizing things that I've been doing.Things seem to b tough, n i never felt this way, giving up so easily in my studies, n nothing seems to look good for me.I'm such a loser for this term, n I need to buck up for the coming terms.I tried so hard to make myself happy,keeping myself busy at all times, n I guess I can have myself back one day.but only time will decide, no matter how long does it take, days, months, or maybe years. I'll wait for that day, coz I'm desperately need "myself" back!!reading week is over, but i think i had a "good" break with my friends.mayb i should include something in this post that will decsribe my "reading week".*at least*
muvees~valentine's day n dear john.both are awesome, but dear john gave more impacts on me.
Dear john,
No matter how many years does it take, 
I will always wait for u,
Coz i know even though we are far apart,
We can still have n look at the same moon, 
n the only thing that I know is I'LL SEE U SOON THEN
it's somewhat portraying my current feelings, n it made my cry somehow,for some parts, but the worse is when john is reading his note to his dad. gosh, that was so sincere,n i miss my abah damn much!! :((
 i did so many things with my friends over the weekends, but weekdays, i tend to spend time at home, sleeping of course n watching muvees n not to forget, ccoking.OMG, I eat a lot!stress+makan! gemok daaa~ but that's what we called as the real break.hehe. weekends were wisely used, n FYI, i din spend a single penny on clothings, or simply called shopping!!*tabik spring sme diri sndirik* i had two skating parties, with the international students, for outdoor n indoor rinks.
 snowboarding @Table Mountain n then CNY dinner @Mandarin
 nnt dh financially stable, nk beli snobod laa~~hehe
squash n badminton at da same time * qada' workout 2 weeks :)*
skating party#2 n broom ball
this game is awesome!!like manyak2!haha
kick it or dig it!!somehow it's easier to play the game like soccer! ngeng~~~
n evryone used gud "tricks" since many people were confused with their own teammates!lol
"man, gimme the ball badly!!" Go Fara!bak kate Raj! but I can't beat Vinay, the defender
n dat's da end of my first reading week in canada! got to start studying, i mean, to FOCUS more coz i've been "playing around" for the last few weeks.but still, looking forward for the next trip to table mountain. i can b a "trip organizer" back home, but not in Saskatoon.haha.jgn suro sy jadi manager ye funny la korg~~More friends as time passes, n I'm doing good here.I guess. :))