Thursday, February 26, 2009

where's my badak??

i'm not hepi right now..
everything seems to be wrong..
i feel sad now, my beloved ones are with me, but no all..
among all, i miz my best buddy, where now i found her to be my bestest buddy forever.
not having her around is like losing her forever..
criuzly, it's hard to have bestfrenz but it's easy to lose them..
i don wanna lose her, but we seem to be far away day by day..
i know she's so depressed rite now with studies n stuff, but i havent see her yet..
we shud have a girl-talk by now, as what we always do..
but now, we have it rarely..
i've lots of things to share with her, n also, i'm in a big DEPRESSION too..
i may feel better if i share my probs with her
I used to call her badak air bulat n she calls me cicak kobing menggerutu..
it's funny, aite??
the titles are based on our appearances during school time..
but now i juz call her badak coz she's getting slimmer n hotter..eheh
we keep on teasing each other n none of us hurt of that..
we shared happy moments together n gossips,etc..
we shared everythg, including our secrets..
our friendship is full of laughters n even tears..
criuzly, i miss every single moment with her,especially during school time..
we had a great moment in TKC n afta SPM life..
not only with her but also other frenz..
it's different here.
i can't find another badak, n she's da one n only..
no one can replace her!!
i've lots n lots of things to tell u..
i don't wanna lose u, my dear..
i wish to have u around on my bufday.. it be possible?

Monday, February 9, 2009

miss PHOENIX gell2!!

kepingin bangat maw jumpa teman2..
i miss PHOENIX sgt2 n reunion wud b da best moment..
n we had it yesterday @ midval.. i wuz with alia from subang n for da 1st time we took a bus.
ni la mse nk blaja naek bus kat kl ni..haha.not bad compred to kom..
n yet,as expected we're late!!hu3..we miz da 1st session, which is mkn..hu3..xpe2..
smpi2 tros g tmpt bowling..wah!!xcited sgt nk jumpe frenz..
as usual, jumpe cnfrm kecoh punye la..FARAW!!!!hahahha
gle best!!kcoh siot, smpi sume org pndg2!!
n da best part wuz bowling time!!haha
masing2 nk tunjuk skill n ade yg bru nk blaja.xkesah la, asl njoy..
yg dtg around 12 so we decided to hv two grups.
but how to divide da grups??n guess wut??
lattalilatlailililattamplom!! lattalilat la plak!!lwk gell!! malu gle, kuat kowt!!
tp smpi sok pun xabez, so last2 ikut color tudung..kbtulan rmi pki tudung black.
so now we have colorful n black teams!!
i wuz in black team, but short of 1, so trik eva msok our team..
fuuh,,smgt gle nk maen tp cuak coz skill dh berakarat!!haha
n yup, starting hancor gle..haha..sume kobar nk support tp asyik longkg n jatuh 1 pin je..
siyes hancor, tp kcoh je lebih..spirit2!!evryone wuz cheering for da team..
like old times..rindu cheer mase kat coll!!SIYES!!
sume cm xkesah people around us.xcited cheer n jerit smpi skt tekak!!
n BOOO another team..dh lame x kcu boo n dat time mlpaskn rindu membuli boo skali..
asyik gelak smpi tergolek-golek..kami sgt KECOH!!
sume org pndg n siap ade a group of people ni cm nk lwn ktorg bwat bsg. PEHAL??!!
starting team colorful leading, but then da black team managed to buck up..
n here, da arise of da black team!!haha
i dh ok, n pioneer to have strike..n 'badi' is passed to cheten!!yeah!!
da spirit passes along n we, da black team WON!!! those who were in da colorful team, nxt time practice sket eh..
nnt klh, kne BOOOOO..hahahha
had fun @bowling, n then g mkn!!alia n me xmkn since pg..lpr heck!!
otw tron, jumpe jun2!!haha..ambek ksmptn, buli jun2..
suro dorunk ambek pics..wawa..xleh blah x consider as buli kot.minx tolong je.haha
mkn @laksa shack, but not all..coz afta bowling, rmi dh nk blah..
including my badak, sha yg sume org ckp die dh kuros!!
mmg btol pun..SHA DH KUROS SGT!!!haha
afta mkn, jln2, shopping sket..
before blek, again mkn tp @ secret recipe..mkn kek je..
kat SR pun nk wat havoc gk, lwk gle, but still under control..
siyesly, we had fun togeda..sdeh sgt mase nk blek..
tho xrpt sgt pun mase kat coll dlu, tp ble jumpe, rse rindu gle..xrpt pun rse rpt gak!!
i realised dat da bond between PHOENIXs is strong!!
i miz u guys lyke hell n looking forward for our nxt reunion..
a bigger one, whre evryone cn come..rindu sgt!!huk3

Friday, February 6, 2009

phy+calculus+eng4u=stress+unstable emotion has to go matter how happy or stress u r..
physics+calculus+eng4U=stress+unstable emotion. dat's my conclusion for now..

i've screwd up my 1st phy test yesterday n again i've to walk back to casa, instead of taking bus..da bus is too late n we decided to walk..wah, ari2 bgini, b'tmbh kuros la sy!! exercise scr xlgsung..heh.. dh byk ari jln kaki, polis trafik pun dh knl kowt!!haish..
smpi casa, pnat yg melampau..i din do any homework but i juz sleep!!pnat+tension!!
n da worst thing is i still cannot get my latest calculus lesson!!siyes lembap!!i still can't afford to love math n m not in da mood of having such thing in my can i love math, n even calculus??i din score for my advanced function n calculus cn b said as my last hope to fly..evry subject plays a big role for my future..evrythg..i can't accept da fact dat i failed my pre-U..
no, it's a big "NO"..i'm gonna b in a huge pressure, from my fmly esp. i can predict wut will they say if i din score well.."tu la, sape suro tkr course..ambek medic xnk!!dh dpt, pg pndi2 tkr plak!! now xdpt fly, PADAN MUKE!!!" i'm sure i'll b hearing diz kind of thing..huk3.. i need some time n space to get myself into a comfortable state, whre i manage to overcome all da obstacles coming n always in da study mood. i've to b strong,put more effort, less njoy+hangouts n more FOCUS!!!i knew it, but y i can't make it true?? owh PPL, plz give me strength to b better diz semester..i have to fly!!i want my dreams to come's frustrating when u dissapoint ur beloved ones n even urself, aite??n so do i..oleh itu, sy kne brubah!!!ye, itu sdh pasti!!