Wednesday, September 30, 2009

sy xbodo, lembap sket je

group B, Rm112, bench 11
partner: Holly, a very nice girl
lab coordinator (LC):ntah sape
TA: mamat yg agak baek
malang #1
LC: please hand in ur paper rite now, before da lab starts,
hand it now or not to hand it.
em, sir, can i hand it a bit later?
LC: hand it now or not to hand it.
WTF!!shoot..ckp la elok2 sket..n yeah, i din hand in da paper..
siot2!!nsb baek ade sorg mamat yg sme2 sengal gak. x anta.haha
LC:these angles dont look good to me. it's better if u turn around da paper n do it again.
afta tracing all the dots n redraw the lines..
sir, we got da same angles.
LC:owh, i think dat's da only thing dat we can, just use da angles.
WTF!! same je, bengong..buang mase ktorg je. (Holly n me agak bwat mke)
malang #3
analysis part:blank, xtaw how to start.
ngarut2, pe mnde ni..
tanye partner pun blur2 gak at 1st.
Holly: i dun wanna ask him. he scares me.
owh, me either.we shud ask another guy then.
when we have no choice, we hv to ask da strict LC.
sir, what are we supposed to do for this part?
LC:just follow the instructions. it's all there.
em, ok..(ckp leklok sket la.i lembap sket tp x bodo. so mmg kne tanye byk kali ye)
hampeh glo, lembap nk mampos wat mnde alah ni. only for 6 questions but every part has to follow about 7-8 steps. leceh gle nk mati.
MALANG TERAMAT since we cudnt finished da whole lab!
LC: please write ur conculsion, u have a few minutes left.
OMG!!nk tulis pe ni..
Holly:ok, i think this part we cannot do it together. it has to be different n no plagiarism.
yeah, sure.
at the very last minute, struggle gle abezkan conclusion n source of error..
tulisan burok nk mampos n da LC x abez2 kasi ktorg pressure..menyampah gle.
x kasi muke langsong!!dammit! nk minx file pun nk mrh2. xyah la nk punctual sgt2.
skema!haish..sume org x puas ati!1st lab kot. kasi la muke sket.adoyh la.
nsb baek my partner jenis yg ok2 sket. boleh masok la. 2x5 je.haha. thanx holly!

p/s: WTF= wut da fish, instead of f***k

Thursday, September 24, 2009

suke duke raye 09

pg raye dh lwk
bgn lambt, suboh gajah..trok gle
then mndi2 n for da 1st time xde sape suro iron bju pg2 raye
hahah..sape la iron bju org kat kampong since i'm not there
i bet evryone iron sndri2 kot..
then g solat raye wif afyqah @ riversideview lounge kot
otw mmg sjuk gle smpi rase cm nk pki telekung je..haha
while da rye feast starts at 1
otw to da feast..
everyone looked mcm makcik2
bawak makanan then jerit2 when da wind comes
n wish "slamat ari raye" to those yg asyik usha our baju raye yg cantek tu! haha
during da feast..
OMG!!!byk gle makanan! gosh2
kampong saskatoon i xde mnde2 ni..
n mmg sapan sume la smpi xlrt nk bgn dh..
ade rendang, sate yg sdap, n mcm2 nasi
nasi lemak pun ade n not to forget nasi aym made by amar n da gang

with da girls

duit raye from amar?? (owh..bersebab tu)

selamat tinggal from mereka.. thanx evryone!!

xdpt nk solat raye kat masjid
xdpt duit raye by hand
tp naseb baek dpt duit raye in advanced (plg byk kot diz year)
cdeyh xdpt nk salam mak n abah
xdpt nk g ziarah kubur
xdpt nk beraye wif sdare mare
xdpt nk maen bunge api n mercun
plg sdeyh ble sume org bz beraye kat kampong
smpi xde mase to kol me..
cdeyh gle coz i've been waiting for da kol mcm org bodo je
n yeah! i miz everyone..
sempat kol n ym kejap je
internet kat kampong prob gle..

raye kat canada obviously x sebagos kat m'sia
but 1 thing to be proud of is I din cry during da 1st hari raye..
yay!berjaye thn!
but not at diz moment since everythg comes at da same time
(wut a big dugaan!)

Sunday, September 20, 2009

malam raye

kami masak
i just join them actually
ade ainaa, afyqah, flora, amira n guru..
masak smbl dgr lagu raye..
best gle snce aura raye dh start terase
n yup, we're done with da nasi briyani n rendang ayam tonite
we'll continue tomorrow with sate goreng n kuah kacang.
owh, rendang ayam is not dat tasty since byk mnde xcomplete.
da attempt to make da rendang is kinda failed!!haha
xtaw la cmne esok..telan jela yek!
n tonite evryone is so crazy with skype
especially for those who r currently in canada n not to forget in malaysia
kcoh gle, sume xcited nk raye
yg kat m'sia plak sume sebok2 tunjuk duit raye. adoyh la
n we have lagu raye marathon inside da room
sume gle nk balek raye, but cant do anythg
hanye boleh menyanyi dn meratapi kesedihan shj
xsedar suare sipi2 cm katak sket, sume nyanyi x igt dunie
karaoke free katekn, n nk lwn party yg mat2 salleh wat tonite.haha
takbir raye plak berkumandang di laptop
sayu mndengarnye..
nk balek Malaysia!!huk3..
but come on la,,namae pun merantau
but it's a gud thing dat we can share all da tears n laughter togeda
tonite i tdo at ainaa's room, as well as flora
tdo rmi2, cm kat kampong ble rmi org balek
owh, miz those moments of tdo berhimpi-himpit.haha
tp ssh gle nk tdo tonite
tbe2 teringat kat family..
y they dont call me?
i wanna talk to them
especially mak n abah
i'm waiting for da call coz i miz them sgt2
malaysia dh raye, dorunk sume dh beraye
dh slm2, minx maaf ngan sume org, g kubur, visit sdare sume
but i've been left, all alone..
owh, cpt la raye..
xsbr nk bergembira, not bersedih!
wish for gud thing tomorrow!

Saturday, September 19, 2009

raye di perantauan

ooohh balek kampong..
ooooh balek kampung..
hati riang..
btw, diz year xbole nyanyi lagu ni..
coz i'm studying in kampong SASKATOON
but then i'm gonna celebr8 da EID in bandar EDMONTON..
diz is totally da opposite way..
it's frustrating not to have da eid in my own hometown
wah..rindunye lalu jln jem kat highway PLUS ble nk balek kampong
n ere, going to edmonton by flight.
mane nk jem nye..haish..
n yup, i dun wanna b sad during hari raye
it's for u to have FUN!
chill la..nme pun berade d perantauan..
so it's worth it to spend money on flight
Lots of frenz are in U of A..
cn feel like Malaysia too..(hope so)
n yeah, bole survey west ed mall!
n last nite , afta iftar in campus,
i went to Saskatoon mosque
Lots of muslims were thre n I had to squeeze in to pray..
cm lwk gle, tp sronok..tho i'm da only one yg bertelekung..hah
meriah sgt last nite
the girls are making da henna thingy
n i did too
my new fren, saleema made a beautiful henna on my palm.
thanx saleema!
it's going to b a nice celebration in Saskatoon too
since I knew many people already..
lots of new frenz, including makcik2..
tp xpela, nxt2 year raye saskatoon kot.haha
n tbe2 rindu fmily..
mak, abah, sume..cdeyh2..
bertahan la fara oi!
u asked for it
nk fly sgt,kn?
PADAN MUKE xdpt raye ngan family!
kakak2 n abg2ku skalian,
sile la bg duit raye aka top up untk adk ye.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009


i'm currently in a place called saskatoon
or my frenz like to call it SAS+cartoon
it's kinda a rural area
but trust me, it's a good place to study!
it's quiet, peaceful, lower cost of living,
less distractions, less entertainmnt, n less etc
owh.come on!
it's kampung!but not dat kampong act
it's not as bad as i thought
to me, it's just like IPOH
there are malls, but not many
they are all scattered, n not too big
but diz will teach me something..
not to be a big SPENDER anymore
yeah..i'm kinda surprised tho
coz when i 1st time went to MIDTOWN PLAZA (da largest mall)
i felt kinda heartless to buy anything
not like when i wuz in malaysia
i wud simply grab anything n spend da money
tambah2 lg ble tgh kaye..haha
but not ere, coz u wud only spend ur money during BOXING DAY
dat's wut i've been waiting for
m not gonna spend my whole allowance ere
but will do it in EDMONTON coz they hv da largest mall in north america
sounds gud, huh? dlu,n winter break g serbu EDMONTON MALL
hahahahahah(will save money then)
bout da weather, it's kinda chilly
now is in summer..
it's sunny, but da wind is chilly
they said da winter is bad, da wind act
u're gonna like it in da beginning but l8er u'll seriously hate it
i dunno coz i'm so excited to hv da winter here..hu3
another fact is, there are only 2 major seasons here
summer n winter
coz spring n autumn are very short
n there are no maple tress in saskatoon!
it's a fact,tho
it's kinda dissapointing coz u're in canada, but u cnt hav da maple leaves
hahaha.such a waste..
n to me, saskatoon is just like moscow
coz a very beautiful river lies in da city
da buildings r nice
n kete cm xpower sgt, agak burok cm kat moscow..huhu
n there's also radisson hotel
da place dat i used to stay in moscow
owh..wut a coincidence!
feel like going to moscow again..
shud save money then..
back to saskatoon,
frankly speaking, it's a gud place to study.
n yeah, i shud b showing u pictures
but my phone's camera is not working
i din bring my camera
n i havnt got my iphone yet
sori for dat, but i'll show u some later on..
wish me luck ere!

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

frenz r 3F

for me, frenz r 3F
what is 3F???
3F stands for food, fmly, n freedom..
frenz are like food that can provide us with energy,strength n health
they can b spicy, sweet, salty n sour
n same goes to frenz
they can b spicy, salty n sour when they hurt u
(scientifically these kinds of food cn cause stomach ulcer-ref to my kadok project)
but they cn b sweet when they talk gud things, comfort u whn u need 'water',
n provide u with a lining of protection
frenz r fmily too..
i treat my frenz like my own fmily
i luv to spend time wif 'em
n sometimes i prioritized 'em compred to my own fmly
to me, frenz r important (as well as fmily)
coz wif frenz we cn talk about many things
we can share laughters, tears n evrythg
(except for sharing da same straw or spoon..only fmly is allowed!hehe)
freedom also applies to frenz
coz u cn hv da freedom to do anything u want
since frenz dun hve da rights to prohibit u
n it is u to t8 care of urself
frenz r ur biggest influence
n dat's y u hv to choose gud frenz!
talking bout frenz,
m getting more frenz day by day
new place, new frenz..
but da best bonds will remain
no matter how strong da challenge is
but i realize dat m getting further from my close frenz
they said i've missed a lot of things..
yes, i noe dat!!
i feel bad for evry moment dat i've missed but there's nothing i cn do about dat
i've to struggle wif my own fate
catching up wif da route dat i need to follow
n appreciating people around me is not EASY!
i hurt people but i also get hurt either
m sori if i fail to be ur gud frenz or even juz frenz
m not PERFECT but i'll try my best to b ur frenz
i luv my frenz sgt..sgt syg..
cnnot describe it ere..
LUV is not to be shown, but to be felt!