Friday, May 13, 2011


i managed to 'like' someone again but after i get closer to that someone, (almost everyday jumpe or just online n do crazy stuffs or whatever) i dont feel anything anymore. ouch.not once or twice but couple of times already :( maybe i get bored easily or or they're just not my type! HAHAHA!  n please please please dont show interest in me coz i just hate it. i'd rather live without knowing how others feel about me. being in relationship is a serious matter for me coz i just dont give a sh** in my life! no more drama or whatever u wanna call it coz i cant handle it anymore. i'm happy being single but for some reasons i dont like how i feel right now. i'm not being ignorant or deniable of what's happening around me, but i think i'm just too scared of taking the risk! oh what a chicken! what should i do? *ok study rajin2 pastu habeskan duit JPA* perfect! :D

Saturday, May 7, 2011

mcm drama la plak!hehe

i never thought that my 'kampung' yg sgt la kecik where u'll always say 'what a small world' has soooooo many koreans!wow! i'm surprised to see lots of korean  guys came to play soccer with us today.haha! siap bole buat korean team lagi n play against us which is like combination of all continents in the world.ecewah!  rase mcm dlm drama la plak to hear them saying 'chinca' 'hyung' 'biyan' 'kamsahamida' etc etc. oh damn senyum lebar2 je todaaaay :D:D now i cant wait to go to Seoul coz my awesome korean friend made a good plan for us!ooopppa! *ok gedik gile*