Friday, May 13, 2011


i managed to 'like' someone again but after i get closer to that someone, (almost everyday jumpe or just online n do crazy stuffs or whatever) i dont feel anything anymore. ouch.not once or twice but couple of times already :( maybe i get bored easily or or they're just not my type! HAHAHA!  n please please please dont show interest in me coz i just hate it. i'd rather live without knowing how others feel about me. being in relationship is a serious matter for me coz i just dont give a sh** in my life! no more drama or whatever u wanna call it coz i cant handle it anymore. i'm happy being single but for some reasons i dont like how i feel right now. i'm not being ignorant or deniable of what's happening around me, but i think i'm just too scared of taking the risk! oh what a chicken! what should i do? *ok study rajin2 pastu habeskan duit JPA* perfect! :D

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