Saturday, November 28, 2009

Pe pandang-pandang??

It's eid people!!!!
N I'm stucked in saskatoon!
Solat raye in a school since not enough space in masjid
If Malaysia, tmpt pompuan sume putih, tp cni colorful plak!

Khutbah raye but get distracted by kids

Nape ade lmbg pas sesat kt situ?haha

Terserempk with my ank2 murid as well

sempt pose jap with Dalal. I'm wearing kbaye ok??haha
wif my housemate, Aziza
Afta solat, my frenz dropped me at the campus
coz I need to hand in my assignmnts, phy.
G claz kjap la.dlm 15 mnts je sbb dh lewat sgt.n mamat yg slalu dok 1row with me pki kopiah.
Ok, die Muslim rupenye.tbe2 rse nk wish raye, skali die plak wish dlu.haha.
Afta claz, lepak with Julia!!
julia is a Sudanese n she's damn nice
"Today is ur Eid, u shud njoy urself!"
n she helped me a lot today, including settling my fido account
we had gud time together
n she likes my kebaye soooo much
n i think i shud get her one later coz she's being a gud fren to me
n i just realized, mat2 salleh sume pndg me dgn agk pelik
"pe pandang-pandang??"
i nmpk cntik ke pelik??hahahha
if ainaa n afyqah were here, we wud simply say: "SLAMAT ARI RAYE"
like wut we did during da last eid in edmonton..haha

Julia n me
 at nite, another "eid celebration"
Dalal, Aziza, Ghina n me went to a Muslim restaurant
lots are muslims are there
but the thing is, women n men are separated??
like they can't eat together??
nape plik sgt??ssh la nk mkn wif family, kn?haish

Ghina x suke amek gambr.agk pelik bcoz i think she's soooo hot!!
dtg lmbt, so dishes for buffet tgl sket je..
xkesah, jnji dpt mkn..n tmbh 2x kot nasi 
tho pg raye mkn subway je.. =(
rendang, ketupat, lemang, xde pon!!!!

kenyang jugak,,,alhamdulillah..

afta dinner, we watched new moon!!
tp aziza x join sbb ade byk keje
n in canada, seat kre 1st come 1st serve
which is sape masok cinema dlu, boleh plih seat
ktorg lmbt, so kne dudok dpn2 tu ha
mak oi!! edward n jacob dpn mate je ok??
pening tgk!tp jnji had fun!
n otw back, fmily kol
i know they're damn busy coz my sister is getting married today!!!
ble ckp ngan mak, both of us nanges
tho mase tu mak sebok tgh lyn tetamu
rindu mak!rindu abah!rindu family!!!!
adik xde kat sane, tp adk pki kbaye yg supposenye pki mase knduri taw!!!
evryone here tried their hard to make me happy during da eid
coz they know how sad am i having eid that is waaaaaay different from backhome
i feel so grateful to have u guys around
tq sooooooooooo much!
slamat hari raye everyone!!!
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Tuesday, November 24, 2009

cm mane ni??

smlm final quiz for geog la
agk struggle for da whole weekend
smpi sggup bli txt book tho dh agk lambt
but still, teramat la haaaaaaaampehh!!
i think, i screwed it up!!
cdeyh nk mampos coz i need to do better diz time
n today, final lab test for bio 120
my fav lab kot
for da last minute preparation,
i had Q&A sessions with Jett
she's so smart that she studied every single thing, even da simplest ones
da discussion was awesome, n i think i'm prepared!
but for some reasons, i din get all the right answers
it's frustrating when u really hope dat u cn get full marks
i'm so desperate for marks, ok??
n i shuld b studying for da nxt final lab test, bio 121
which is way way harder
owh puhlliiiiiiizzzzzz!
i need to get gud marks
n i have to spend like 10hours per day like wut all da geniuses in my class do
Mitch spends 10hrs/day to study
n he got 82 for da midterm (he's 1of 5 students who got A for midterm)
n i'm just wondering, how the student with a score of 90 study???
pinjam otak kejap boleyh?

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

I envy u, ok???

Hey u,
A few weeks ago, u told me dat u've given up of doing medicine,
U screwed up ur 1st test badly, din u?
But then u got ur booster again n u did pretty well on ur 2nd test,aite?
U worked hard for dat one n even harder for da 3rd one.
U even ignored me sometimes but I had to understand.
*terpakse d situ*
n yet, ur sacrifice or mayb my scrifce as well is paid with ur xtraordinary grade!
What?? U got A* for da 3rd test? 
Pe A* tu? 
Omgosh!!dat was extremely good,ok??
Guys klu struggle mmg result gempak eh?? 
*sdikit tidakpuas ati d situ*

I envy u, ok???
U told me dat u envy me, but da fact is I'm da one who has to be jealous!!
I nk gempak2 gak!
then, sdpkn ati:
u, org dpt fullmark for last lab test bio 120.
*tp xde la gempak mcm distinction for a test in medical school, kn?*
it's ok.tape2.. *sdapkan ati lg*
Then, today dpt balek phy lab, where Holly nanges sbb xthn wif LC at dat time.
I did well in diz one which boost up my mark drastically.
But then, ade xtra warning plak written on da paper
besor2 plak tu..haish

Xpe, at least xfail mcm 1st lab. Sile bersyukur, ok?

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Sunday, November 15, 2009

One day with kids

Hi!what's ur name??
I'm ur new teacher
I'll help u with ur homework.
"ok, let's go to our room"
Aman Ali, y u didn't do this part?
"owh, how could this happen to me?? I know this one, it's easy!"
*papela, action plak mamat ni*
"n can't u see my spiky hair? It's nice, isn't it??n don't touch it!"
*yola2..I know u're charming*
da other kid, fatima
"teacher, cn u play Barbie dolls with me? We can play at my room"
*what??my zmn Barbie doll dh berakhir ok??so funny la bdk ni*
next, abu baker.but he's so sensitive.kuat majuk.
"I'm a good runner n I'm sure I cn beat u"
Haha.dat is so funny. Obviously I cn easily win da race.u'll lose
"no, I'm not!I'll challenge u coz I'm a fast runner!"
*berlagaknye bdk.obviously I cn challenge him*
n yet, ble kalah majuk.
Abez hlg macho
N da last one, baby eshal
"baby, don't u think dat u're pretty?"
She smiled n angguk!
*chett!xleh blah.nsb baek mmg btol2 cantek!haha*
criuzly I had sooo much fun with them.they remind me of my nephews n nieces.
"teacher, cn u stay with us??"
No darling, I've to go back.
"then, when r u coming back?can u come tomorrow?"
Sori, but I've to go to school n study. Whenever I'm free I'll come to see u, ok??
N otw back, sume org berebut nk duduk with me.haha. U guys r sooo cute

abu baker n eshal

-fatima n aman ali
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Saturday, November 14, 2009

rindu :(

rindu rumah ni
rindu org2 kat dlm ni

rindu malaysia
rindu everyone
rindu everythg
 "duit ktorg xluak pon,
bonus pun xabez gune lg
pelik la nape duit berlebih-lebih ni
n ktorg siap nk pg holiday byk2 tempat lg"
*saket mate tgk emails from abg2 n akak2*
ok, i know what does it mean
xpe, nxt year dlm 3bulan mesti korg rase duit korang luak sket or byk tros!
coz ur " top kaki paw" is coming back!!
-u guys gv me da title, don't u?-
nk details untk bank account??
boleh sgt2
rmi2 masokkn duit lg bagos!
criuzly, can't wait for summer break!!
x sbr nk paw korg!!
xsbr nk g holiday rmi2 lg
*dalam pale dh pk mcm2 plan, nk wat list brg utk dipaw*

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Happy bufday abby

Hey u,
U left me for quite some time
But I know u din forget me at all
N I do miss u sooo much
I've got storiessss to tell u
I got thingsss to share with u
I just can't wait to see u nxt year
N yeah, I'll gv ur blated prezzie
Happy bufday najwa albi abd hamid..
Finally u're 19.but I still wanna b ur lil wait for me,ok??

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Tuesday, November 10, 2009

i'm desperate

nk dpt 80%
nk dpt perfect score for da left quizzes n tests
nk full marks for labs
nk dapat good marks for FINALS
nk sume perfect!!
*berangan, berangan n berangan*

Monday, November 9, 2009

happy bufday my dear badak

sha syg,
"sweet 19,
a year older, a year wiser, a year sexier"
it's a typical wish, back in coll, aite?
i miz all the moments i had wif u
zmn TKC
homesick, homework, PRA-RA
rooftop, stay up
starters, jogging(tho i plg mls)
1st time lepak kat luar smpi midnite
ngarut2 psl lek, SHOPPING, berangan
afta TKC
genting, pangkor
intec n taylor's
ole-ole, casa, summit, sunway, mapley
n just so u know,
i'm glad to have u as a friend, a gud one
thanx for always being my badak air bulat
coz i will always b ur cicak kobeng menggrutu
happy bufday,
norharisa husainy shamsaifful

p/s: sori, i cudnt find any old pics mase kt coll yg cantek.ade pun free hair. compare both pics.yg bwh waaayy better,aite?prove dat we're less bulat n mengrutu.haha

Friday, November 6, 2009

suke n bengang gak

berjaye bgn awl n manage to go to geog claz
(xtdo afta suboh, but still was rushing to catch da bus))
n then sbb ade org kate nk 09
n i make it as "09 smpi xyah tdo,taw!"
in geog claz,
(which i think dh lame heck x pegi)
tbe2 amek attendance arini
fuuuh, nseb baek g claz arini
n i sit nxt to diz one mat salleh (quite good looking..hu3)
mat, slalu ke amek attendance?
xla, ni baru 2nd time.jgn risau.
(in english of course!!)n he smiled at me!!*wink*
slalu gak dok seblah mamt ni
he used to agak rajin in taking notes
tp arini xamek notes lgsg??
n he was sleeping kjap, n afta dat maen game??
no wonder i tbe2 dgr org sebut "fcuk, fcuk" in da claz
kalah game rupenye
n i was eating subway's omelette(without ham of course!)
but then my perot tbe2 berbunyi??
gosh2!segan siot!
but suddenly i hear the same noise too
prot mat salleh seblah pun berbunyi!!hahha.lwk!
nxt, mase nk masok phy class
i was having a hard time to push d door (yg agak berat)
smpi ter"auw2" kat situ..haha
but suddenly ade sorg mat salleh ni
(macho n cute n pnah usha gak coz muke same mcm my chinese fren kat plkn)
die tolong pggkn da door for me, but at da same time, laugh at me!
siot je, tp nseb baek charming..(tercair la plak)hu3
afta phy class,i went to see my biol121 lecturer
to check da answers for midterm
da thing dat we know is thre's no such thing as diffrnt sets of midterm!!
sume org tertpu!!
coz we thought dat diffrnt colors of paper indicate dffrnt sets
so nobody will copy their neighbors!
rupe2nye sume paper sme je
gud trick huh prof mcloughlin?? 

ble ade org kate die nk tggu afta i abez claz br 09

tp org tu xtaw hlg ke mane, x 09!!
n I'm sooooo bengang bcause of dat!!!
coz dh ckup sbr for diz week
he's kinda diffrent recently (which i h8 so much)
we din talk for quite a long time,
(smpi rase cm dh stahun xdgr bite)
msg pun dh jrg gle nk mati
coz we need time to study!!
(which is good for both of us)
i do appreciate all da prepaids dat he gv me
since he doesnt want me to spend more on paying bills
but still, i'm mad!!
coz he's so confdnt dat we can make it today!
(ur confidnce doesnt make a promise)
when we hav a fight, da best solution is to hav a TALK!!
difference in time is a big problem to us!
if "U" read diz, i really mean it diz time!
go awy from my life if u want to :(

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

midterm grades

herm, i'm happy!!
really?? i dun think so!!!
here goes my midterm grades:~
let's start with biol 120
i think i spent a lot of time on diz subject
(1st paper n da only one for dat week)
i've read da notes for a few rounds,
i feel good when i do da exam
i thot i'll b fine n can score well
but unfortunately, i got 74%
(feel bad coz i expected to get at least 80%)
da class average is kinda low
as a result, evryone got xtra 4 mark
which means i was initially scored only 70%!!
gosh!!xtra2 work is needed!!
next, biol 121
herm, i din expect much from da test
bcuse i cud feel how terrible i did
not only da exam, but da hall as well
was giving me a pressure!
i dunno y evryone has to b squeezed in to da same hall
sempit heck!!!panas jer!!
there are 80 MCQs
n it's kinda "exhausted' to answer da questions
n i think xde org pun sempat meniru kot
sempit n pnat!!argghh
n da result is as bad as i tot
224 students in da class but only 5 students got 80 n above
of course not in da list!!
65% jerh!!
rmi kot fail, n yeah, it is a hard class!!
(but da highest score is 95%!!i wish i cud lend his/her brain for a while)
lots n lots of memorizing
kalah sejarah!!haha
but no xcuses plz!! work harder, ok?!!!
GEOG is da worst one
dh la minx postpone sbb clash ngan phy (patutnye xboleh kot, tp wat muke ksian..haha)
n dat wuz my last paper
n still xboleh score tho i got enough time to study
1st, slalu ponteng class, so notes x complete since lecturer x post notes
(class plg awl, n bgn awl is a big prob.xsah klu xlari kejar bas for diz claz)
2nd, xde duit nk bli text book so x ckup materials nk bace
3rd, x work hard kot coz njoy je over da weekend (last paper katekn)
akibatnye: dpt 62% jer! jer!
padan muke!!!!
but phy makes me happy
i used to h8 phy, like hell
bt da lecturer is niccceeee!!
dri dlu smpi skrg all my phy lecturers n teachers are damn goooood!!(alhamdulillah..)
i worked hard for phy.(bias sket)
n siap book study room in library n study with Julia
i'm quite cnfident with all da preparations before da test
but then, i tot i screwed it up
coz it wasn't easy as i expected
i finished it just on time, tho da questions look sooo simple
but they're not actually
i felt so happy when i saw "good" written on my test paper
i got 84%
i was extremely happy tho i shudnt
hellloooo..u're not da best faraw!!!
there are geniusses in ur class with a score of 98%
puhhllliiisss!!!jgn ujub n riyak boleh x??

ok2, nxt is archaeology
rite afta da test i met my lecturer n told her dat i need help
coz i think i screwed up my test again
n yeah, she told me to get notes from da class note taker
"i kept on telling myself dat i will fail da test"
coz i've no confidence at all
but my frenz told me not to think negative,but wish for good things
i keep on praying n allah knows da best
Allah gives me strength to accept any possibilities
n alhamdulillah, it's not as bad as i tot
i din fail da test, but i got even better than geog
which is 70%
(btol2 on da class average..haha)
overall: my midterm grades xde la bagos sgt, mmg xbagos pon!!
faaaaarrrr away than my target
but it's better to start from bawah, kn??
if ok sgt, cnfrm dh mls nk berusaha afta dat!
it's ok faraw!u can do better!!!
(self'-motivation is essential)

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

no more -ve thoughts

nite lab is not as bad as i tot
i enjoy all my nite labs, specifically biol 120
i had difficult times with da microscope
but da passion in biology overcame evrything
I LUV BIO sooooo much!!
i tried my best in diz lab
i even stayed back, though the session has actually ended
n just to finish da whole lab, including da exercises
i dun wanna screw up diz lab
coz wut's da point of being passionate in it, but u can't score well??
dat's y i need to work xtra hard!!
i'm kinda do well in this lab early on
for da first lab test i lost only 1 mark
"but, langit x selalunye cerah, aite?"
n for da 2nd test i lost 4.5 marks.
herm, i can smell "my zaman kejatuhan" there
coz i think i screwed up my 3rd test!!
dat's my BIG problem!!
negative thinking!!
owh, plz go away, u, negative thoughts!!
janna, a fren from geog lab was mad at me for being a negative thinker
"u shudnt be thnking dat way before u even know da results"
yeah, i know.. n i will try my best
coz it's not only for bio,
but i feel d same thing for all subjects
especially archaeology
which i think i screwed it up, again n again!!
midtermss, plz b nice to me
i have to score well

Sunday, November 1, 2009

halloween nite??not for us

they wear their "freak" costumes during halloween nite
but not us!!
haha..surprisingly, i wore kebaye for da 2nd time in canada
coz we want to celebr8 my housemate's graduation!
"am i look weird?"
aziza: no!!u look soo cute cute!
u look like a  malaysian now! i??
wtv it is, but we just wanna have fun!
da only thing missing is da make up!
i'm da only one who din put anythg!
so we went to a restaurant, THE GRANARY
it reminds me of Malaysia
coz, there's an old SINGER sewing machine,
exactyly da same like my aunt's
adoyh..tbe2 la plak homesick
n the girls' crazyness remind me of my frenz!!
gosh!!rindu korg!
they r extremely crazy!!!
unbelievable coz they seem to b da polite ones.
hahah..but dat nite revealed evrything.
unfortunately i dun have any pics to prove their crazyness
but these shud b enough to show who they are
ghina, rima, dalal n my housemate, aziza

it's a gud thing to know them
tho sometimes i felt so left out since i dun speak arabic
though they r Somali, Lebanese, Tunisian n Sudani,
but they're all speak Arabic
n indeed, sing arabic!!
when all of them memekak in da car, singing arabic,
i cud just laugh, but not to sing along!
owh, tbe2 rindu ustazah jeriah
nk blaja Arab lg! gosh!!