Monday, November 22, 2010

coz ure one of a kind

To love someone is HARD, but to forget someone that u loved is HARDer.things happened, n u even think that life is so unfair.but at the end of the day, u'll think that God loves u for showing u the right path. to think positive is EASY, but to think negative is EASIER."Life sucks, jiwe kacau". that will be a spontaneous reaction, but what favours the spontaneity?? maybe i should 'muhasabah diri' n think what n where i went wrong. it must be something, n somewhere along the road. the road that i feel like giving up to go through.hmmm.what a life! be strong my dear soul! coz i know ure one of a kind.nobody will understand u for real :(

Monday, November 1, 2010

Trick-or-EAT, not trick-or-TREAT

It's halloween but i'm not having culture shock here, to be exact. I've already seen halloween before but only this year i got the chance to experience everything about halloween.not everything, but almost all of them.from pumpkin carving, wearing the costume that is borrowed from a friend, n go around for "trick or eat"!! one thing that i can b proud of is i managed to say NO to all the halloween party invitations which is like 2 or 3.haha.n "trick-or-eat" is not a wrong term that i used coz that's what i did! Go around for non-perishable items, instead of candies coz we're doing it for the food bank! Oh yeah,lots of people post articlessss on fb regarding b frank, i dont have the intention to against the hukum, but i just thought what i did is for people who are in need n at the same time i had some fun! We trick to make others to eat!and and i just thought this is the same as what we did during hari raye.go around n visit houses in the neighbourhood n ask for duit raye.pakai baju cantek2, dapat makan, dapat duit.haha. going to the houses n bumped into some kids reminded me of my childhood hari raye.pusing satu kampung, n make sure pocket penuh!lol.after all, i know i'm not yet a good muslimah, but i just dont want people to judge me as a "minah yg dh culture shock habes after dok oversea". Hmm, i do accept advices, but in a good way :)

P/s:jgn sesape terase sudah, coz this is just a thought ye

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