Wednesday, December 22, 2010

'awesome' people

They're awesome coz they
 make me smile with a single word
wake me up when i'm 'sleeping'
comfort me when i'm uneasy
wipe my tears when i'm crying
broke my heart till i cant even forgive

and i learn not to love someone wholeheartedly, not even friends, and a special someone
coz trust is not to be betrayed, but to be grasped till the end

to get along with me is easy, but once i get annoyed, dont even think to get my trust coz life is not easy
u should know that and so do i

Monday, November 22, 2010

coz ure one of a kind

To love someone is HARD, but to forget someone that u loved is HARDer.things happened, n u even think that life is so unfair.but at the end of the day, u'll think that God loves u for showing u the right path. to think positive is EASY, but to think negative is EASIER."Life sucks, jiwe kacau". that will be a spontaneous reaction, but what favours the spontaneity?? maybe i should 'muhasabah diri' n think what n where i went wrong. it must be something, n somewhere along the road. the road that i feel like giving up to go through.hmmm.what a life! be strong my dear soul! coz i know ure one of a kind.nobody will understand u for real :(

Monday, November 1, 2010

Trick-or-EAT, not trick-or-TREAT

It's halloween but i'm not having culture shock here, to be exact. I've already seen halloween before but only this year i got the chance to experience everything about halloween.not everything, but almost all of them.from pumpkin carving, wearing the costume that is borrowed from a friend, n go around for "trick or eat"!! one thing that i can b proud of is i managed to say NO to all the halloween party invitations which is like 2 or 3.haha.n "trick-or-eat" is not a wrong term that i used coz that's what i did! Go around for non-perishable items, instead of candies coz we're doing it for the food bank! Oh yeah,lots of people post articlessss on fb regarding b frank, i dont have the intention to against the hukum, but i just thought what i did is for people who are in need n at the same time i had some fun! We trick to make others to eat!and and i just thought this is the same as what we did during hari raye.go around n visit houses in the neighbourhood n ask for duit raye.pakai baju cantek2, dapat makan, dapat duit.haha. going to the houses n bumped into some kids reminded me of my childhood hari raye.pusing satu kampung, n make sure pocket penuh!lol.after all, i know i'm not yet a good muslimah, but i just dont want people to judge me as a "minah yg dh culture shock habes after dok oversea". Hmm, i do accept advices, but in a good way :)

P/s:jgn sesape terase sudah, coz this is just a thought ye

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Saturday, October 16, 2010


I always know what i want.but now i'm seriously confused!! Walking in this path is not FUN at all if i dont know how to really appreciate people around me. Oh hati, asal la kau SENSITIF sgt!! Ya allah, give me the strength to go through anything that i have to face.amin

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Friday, September 10, 2010

hey awak!

u surprised me, but u really made my raye.
SeLaMaT HaRi RaYe n MaAf ZaHiR BaTiN to u too
thanx for the wish, i appreciate it so much
just so u know i'm happy to get ur text,
but i just dun have the guts to reply.
it's still in me, if u know what i mean.

Sunday, September 5, 2010

what's our theme??

"ape tema kite??
and whatsoeva "SE' la!
hahaha..someone made me laugh with this!
huh, layan jelaa~~

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

forgive n forget

i couldn't see the difference between forgive n forget, 
but what i know is those two things complement each other. 
u cant never forgive if u cant forget n vice versa.
one good point here is:
even at this point, i still cant forgive n forget!
oh what a life!

Friday, August 27, 2010


these days i tend to spend more time with kids.i already have 5 nieces n 7 nephews. i'm quite close with each of them, but only some of them are my favorites! hahah.. bukan nk pilih kasih, but i'm just being realistic. sape yg x mengade lebih, pandai amek hati, pandai make me laugh smpi golek-golek, for sure la i syg, kan??haahaaa..those anak-anak are my lil sweethearts la! if i happen not to get married at all pon, i guess my nephews n nieces are all there to cheer me up. ecewaaahhh!!

this is Umar. he got a new hair cut, n perangai pon makin menjadi-jadi! fuuuhh!
notice the scars on his face!! sgt nakal, but i like him tho! :)
this kid eats a LOT! she keeps on eating, xkesah org kiri n kanan. n she calls herself "dedek".haha
this is what she did when i asked her to 'senyum nmpak gigi'. oh yeah, she's the one singing Bieber's BABY as "bibik, bibik oh, bibik, bibik, oh" instead of "baby baby oh". HAHAHA

budak-budak ni gaye je lebih.haish

after shuffle yg x brape nk menjadi.pengsan sorang2!

here are random pics for some of the nieces n nephews. i have a lot more, tp malas nk cari dh.haha

oh yeah, mase my aunt meninggal haritu, i gotta see some other nephews n nieces jugak. my cousin's kids.
when he passed me, i thought it was a girl. but when i looked at him again, sah2 la si Danish. it's been a while that i din get to see him.rambut pon dh pjg, cm Noh Hujan pon ade.eceee..
 it's so hard to get his picture. well, bdk ensem bajet mahal la kan?!hehe
this is Elina.i found it a bit hard to communicate with her coz she can only understand English n Srawak! :D

surprisingly, she's even bigger than her elder sister!wallaweh kan??n i could still remember when she mad at someone, she was yelling ala2 mak datin gitu: "hey u!!blablabla". ouch. 

Monday, August 23, 2010


"mak, mak, adk mimpi gigi patah malam td"
i was crying while telling my mom this, n if i'm not mistaken, it was last month.
we have this belief;
 whre having such dream means that thre will b someone close to us that gonna leave us forever.
i never thought that it'll b my own aunt, Rohani Zakaria a.k.a Makni.
she's the only my mom's siblings that i din get to see when i reached malaysia.
n i din even remember when was the last time i get to see her.
but i'm still glad that i could still see her for the very last time
i was in kl, with my other siblings n it was after sahur when i got the news.
ya allah, only He knows how i felt at that time
evryone was rushing to  Alor Star, Kedah, from all over Malaysia i guess
evryone speed up, n some even reached 180km/h, just not to miss the jenazah
alhamdulillah, evryone made it, n it was good to see Makni's face again.
she looks like my mom, n of course la coz she's her big sister,kan?
n at the same time i imagined what if that person is my mom??
i culdnt hold my tears evrytime i think about it, coz i think i'll never be ready to lose someone that i love
but Makni's face looks so cool, rase tenang je tengok.
n i even get to kiss her twice, before n after jenazah dimandikan.
muke org meninggal mmg lembut ke??muke Makni pon cm senyum je..
ouch, berair-air jugak kat situ, but they asked to wipe the tears before kissing jenazah
alhamdulillah, Makni looked so good, meninggal pon dlm keadaan beriman, insyaallah
the weather is nice during the funeral, n she's even lucky to die during ramadan
there's so much hikmah for her, with all the prayers from evryone.
she fell while taking wudhuk for solat zohor
she had a stroke attack, admitted to the hospital on friday, n she died on sunday.
it happened too fast, n nobody could expect anything.
Makni is the first one to die in my mom's family tho she's not the eldest
it was a big loss to us coz our silaturrahim is sooooo good.
we have our own 3R (Rohani, Rohana n Ramlah)
Makni's gone, n we only left with my mom n Mak Anjang.
thre will b no more 3R, no more "all the memekak stuffs", no more crazy jokes from  3 of them
we're gonna miss Makni, semoge rohnya dicucuri rahmat.amin

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

current passion

i dunno y, but i fall in luv in baking cupcakes! Haha. Cupcakes aren't my fav tho, but yeah, i have fun making them, decorating every single cup, with not-so-creative i guess business is my thing as well.that's y i'm now busy with so-called cupcakes business!! It was just for fun actually, since i've nothing much to do these days.travelling time is over, no more hangouts, no more 'ronggeng' here n thre coz it's time to b mom's lil sweetie.ecewah! Oh here got some pics of my own cupcakes! Please excuse the decoration. I din go to any baking classes anyways, n that's y they're not that awesome ye!!

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Friday, July 30, 2010

When the keys are not there

I lock it well.if someone knocks it, i wont open it coz the keys are not with me. U stole it from me once n i let it be. u left me alone, but i could do nothing. When others tried to jump in, i dun give a damn. Coz the only thing that i know is u're the one with the keys, n nobody could have the same one

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Thursday, July 22, 2010

Terkejut mak, nyah!

G kl teman cousin g interview.dlm 2 days je, g rabu balek khamis. Tp dh alang2 turon kl kan, mesti la wajib singgah shopping jap. So i went to klcc dgn backpack n all.but the spirit is there la!! Penah ke shopping x semangat?haha.n i think my nafsu shopping is unstoppable la!n yesterday i have to stop swiping my credit card after spending in MNG n Vincci.mmg boros, tho i always think that i've to start ntah bile tah.shopping2 pon gune duit sewe rumah, so xyah la nk rase guilty lebih2.ece.ayat nk sedapkan hati.haha.wtv main point here is to crite about what happened yesterday. I bumped into a fren or mayb ex-fren la kot! Skali pandang mmg mcm kenal, but after staring at him for a few seconds, mmg sah2 la kenaaaaal! Sh**! Tu
Mmg first word la yg kuar. I dunno y in the world i have to bump into him. Mmg wrong place, at a wrong time. I dunno whether he saw me but i really hope he didnt la!! Pandang tempat laen dgn secepat mungkin,berdiri tegak, static tergamam n terkesima.shoot, rase nk tercabut jantong! Menggigil jugak kejap! I've to admit that i'm not ready to see any of them at all!! Sumpah gile nk mampos.habes spoil mood shopping sekejap! The old memories came across all of sudden!bengot laa..n plus, his new gf disgusted me la!! Menyampah je tengok!! Sori to say, but it was kind of nightmare to me..urrghhh!!! Siyes x nk jumpe of that kind anymoreeee.. Geraaaaam je rase. Panaasss2!! Eeee..Takot la nyah!! Trase over la plak!!haha. Wtv la. Mayb i've to think of duit jpa yg nk masok nxt week!! Haha.cant wait laaaa!

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Monday, June 21, 2010

ye kawan, i miss u too!

"cakap kat faraw org rindu die tau :( 
ask her 2 take care of herself."
(Faraw,msg ni ***** bg org smlm.pkul 3 pg.)

damn, i feel bad when my fren texted me this. all kinds of feelings came at the same time. we used to have a good time together,hang out smpi x igt dunie, n the best part ble sound depan2!cool gile kan? but u guys ruined evrything la. the world cup makes me feel even worse coz we used to have those 'kutok-mengutok time', football betting(gurau2 punye version la), berlagak pasal jerseys n players, n mcm2 lagi la. but those memories will remain as memories coz i dun think we can go back to that time. betol kate pepatah, sbb nila setitik, rosak susu sebelanga. i can't prtend as if nothing happened, coz thre's no way that i can forget evrything in a short time. but trust me, i MISS u guys toooo!!sangat2 rindu, okay??tgk la nnt, maybe one sweet day, hati ni dh lembut n dh kuat sket, we'll meet up, ok kawan?ksian la ko, jadi mangse keadaan sunggoh!i'm not exactly having a revenge on them, it's just that i'm not ready to face them.fullstop!

Saturday, June 5, 2010

ko mmg kawan terhebat la!!

1st time tgk gambar, mmg caer wo!nk kate ensem, xde la ensem sgt, tp sekadar sedap mate memndang la.based on my taste yek. ntah mcm mane, bole terkenal la sume membe punye hal la.bile dh start contact, jadi kawan sudah la kan. nk lebih2, skola lagi kot! mmg langgar my prinsip idop couple mase skola2 ni. mule2 mmg kawan la, tp lame2 dh rapat semacam.klu laki ngan pompuan xde rase pape, mmg abnormal la kot. last2 ktorg decide jadi kawan baek, n xmaw ntah mcm mane, after spm jd more than bestfrens la plak. klu dh name org brcinte, sume mmg nmpk indah la. even gadoh2 pon bole suke. bnde2 laen xyah ckp la kot, sume rase hebat pun first love, mmg la nk serious coz i'm not da type bercinte utk maen2 yek!! i may not look serious, but i'm f**king serious la kalau dh betol2 masok jiwe ni!! tp bile org kate xde jodoh tu, kne la pasrah utk berpisah, x gitu?? nk trime hakikat dgn sng mmg not so me la!! hati x cukup nk lembut, n asyik nk ikut pale otak sndri je. tp at least try la jugak utk move on n pasrah dgn sume bnde yg happen. cume balek malaysia ni nk dgr explanation yg gempak from mulut org tu so dat bole move on dgn rela hati. pasrah tu mmg pasrah la kalau ditakdirkan jadi kawan je coz we started as frens jugak what?! tp ble ko ckp sume yg ko buat slame ni hipokrit n kte xpatut jadi kawan tu ape???x ke taik kerbau namenye?? n ade hati nk putus kawan cmtu je?? 3 tahun tu bukan sekejap taw!! n bukan senang nk lupe n padam sume memori pasal kauuuuuu!!!! u betrayed my trust! i've had enough! u're the worse thing that ever happened to me!! i hate u like crazy!!i'm gonna revenge, but in my own way!! i'll make sure u'll get what u deserve!! u have to live in guilt coz u make me live in misery. u chose a wrong person la!! u may think that i'm the one that u can simply toy with coz u cheated me for 3 years tp x pernah kantoi at all!!u're such a drama king la kawan!! only if i know why u did this to me, coz i thought that i really know u!! just so u know, i've been so sincere with whatsoever relationship that we had before, but if u really didn't have the heart for me, u better watch out!!! Allah tu maha adil.but if u have good reasons behind all these, i'll think of forgiving u. but for now, bole blaaahhh laaa!! u treat me mcm sampah when our relationship is over. i'm not begging for ur belas kasihan la coz i still have the's just that i love my friendship more than anything. it's ok if we're not meant to b together, but at least we can still b friends. feeling regret of what we had before is enough to show me who u are. trime kaseh banyak2 la for leaving  me with wounds that will never be cured!! "TERBAEK" la dapat kwn cm ko!!! panasssssssssssss  jeeeeee!!!!

p/s:please excuse my harsh words readers. i hope this will be the last one. i wanna move on, with at least a better feeling.n rase mcm nk delete this blog coz i wrote so much about him!!grrr...marah sunggoh!!

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

it was a blast!

if people asked me, how do i like saskatoon, i would answer that it's a great place!! my first year in the UofS itself was awesome.i'm so grateful for having such a nice campus, with friendly staffs n GOOD friends. i've learned so many things since i came to a place called saskatoon, or maybe i like to call it as my 2nd "kampong". at first, i found it a bit hard to adapt with the environment, but now i could say that i have saskatoon in my heart.ece..gile ah ayat ni.haha. seriously, my first 8 months are unforgettable.n the time that i spent with my new friends would b in memories forever. all the hangouts, ice cream, asian restaurants, chocolates, movie nights, fun trips,soccer, badminton, squash,gym, dancing classes, yoga, wall climbing, study groups, n so on would b my "kenangan terindah la"!maybe it's because i'm faaar away from my family and my other good friends, that's why i think they have the shoulders that i can cry on, or maybe figures that i can laugh of. knowing them for only a few months is enough to make me feel sad when i have to be apart from them for 4 months. i felt like crying when they sent me at the bus depot before i left to edmonton. they are among the good friends that i've ever known. thanks for brighten up my days with laughter n ur craziness, guys.i'm gonna miss u!! have a good summer, n see ya next term :))

we're planning to have our own time capsule as well. we don't need 100 years to be good friends, coz the only thing that we need is sincerety, n not not to forget, LOVE.
we still have 3 more years to be together, n i REALLY hope that we can have a blast for the time that we have. mmg syg korang la! <3

oh yeah, i'm so happy coz i've got my "BESTFRIEND" back!! *the quotation mark means a lot though* 

Thursday, April 22, 2010

will U wait for me??

i've been thinking these days n i've decided on something..i found it hard to forget u n i dunno y i'm so stupid that i'm still waiting for u..i've been stalking ur fb profile for evry single day, i've been waiting for ur txt messages n calls. but i heard nothing from u..maybe i should start to accept the fact that i'm no longer important in ur life n u may not even care bout me anymore.. all my so called "move-on plans" seem to not work out very well coz i still think or maybe relate anything that i do with has been 3 months, but i still can't forget u..i've read an article in ur fb profile, regarding "couple"'s about the good things of not having that kind of made me think'll b great if u dumped me because of that reason.i would probably understand n that's y i came up with a thought. i dun wanna go for a serious relationship, but it'll only be for's good that i dun have any feelings in guys in 4 years time, my heart should b good to accept someone in my life.someone, which is U! but for now i'm just wondering if u'll b thre for me at that time. WILL U WAIT FOR ME?? i can keep my words that i wont find someone else to replace u coz i just want my heart to b knocked'll b great if u have the same thought as me.and it'll b so goooood if u dont find someone else to replace me..i miss u, but thre's nothing i can do.i can only express it through my writings. n today, it should b our 2nd anni..u might forget about it, but i'll never ever forget it. u, happy anniversary sayang. 
this cowgirl misses her cowboy so much!!*ouch*

for some reasons, i really really really want u to read this.but i know it's kinda possible for u to read my post like u used to thre any other way that i can tell u about what i feel??hah!!sudah2 la tu..*ayat from some of my frens* wtv it is, i'll go with the flow..kalau ade, ade la..we can only plan, but ALLAH will decide the BEST for us.insyaallah..

Thursday, April 8, 2010


Easter break sgt dimanfaatkan dgn melepak n have fun with frens.

Lepak tepi jln pun jadi la..n frisbee jugak!nice2

Bdk2 jakun tgk sungai.haha

Saskatchewan river yg dh melt

pic taken right before being attacked with a group of kids who thought dat we're BAD strangers.haha.
N then lepak at rocio's place.

Oh yeah,i made kuew tiow goreng.special request from my frens.

We ate kuew tiow goreng n pancakes.mkn smpi kenyang n then maen klu ade rock band lagi best kot.wtv.lepak smpi mlm n then pegi campus. I slept over campus act.Lepak at residence's lounge,tgk tv n then muvee marathon.we watched 3muvees.we ate n talked a many stuffs.sleep over campus sbb nk tgk bola rmi2 u vs chelsea. Mule2 dh smgt dh.last2 i'm da only one left to watch the game.agak boring kot. Dh la siot je.haish.afta suboh baru tdo,which is only for 3hours. then took shower at the gym.gile sempoi ah.breakfst budk resi supply.n then pegi maen bola.1st time maen at the field coz the weather is so good. 2hours at the field caused my skin to b a bit darker now.but x kesah la..gile puas kot maen.tho thre were only 2girls,i din feel awkward at all.janji niat nk bersukan.ece..ksimpulannye,the long weekend has been spent wisely utk bersuke rie.coz da nxt day,we started studying again,like is just around da corner kot. Oh crap!
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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

why do i stalk u??

i stalk ur fb coz i wanna know how are u doing, what are u up to, how is ur new look, who's checking u out, who's the new girl in ur life,how's ur school n everything about u.i checked ur profile every single day coz i dont wanna miss anything about u coz at the end of the day i'll feel bad for not knowing ur current updates. tho all the rumors or so-called scandals are killing me like crazy, i'm still not giving up.maybe one day i'll stop, but for now thre's nothing that i can do.waiting for ur call is like waiting for the rain in the drought.i could've agreed with the "monthly deal" coz one year is too much for me.i feel regret tho.only if u know how much do i miss to talk to u. not calling or texting u at all doesnt mean i've thrown u away frm my's just that i CAN'T n u cant imagine how hard i tried to go through this.i believe that u dun really care about it anymore coz i can see that u're having a gud life now.yes, i'm ur BIG STALKER, but please dun stop me from doing this coz i wanna know what does a relationship mean to u.even at this point, i still have the same feelings towards'll be such a relief if thre's a way out for this.i just wanna fix it, but i know we cant get whatever we want coz we're not the GOD.only Allah can do n get whatever He wants.evryday i'll be hanging out with some friends, doing assgnmnts n have some fun. i'm happy when i'm with them, but when i'm alone i'll start to think about YOU!!i just dunno what should i do coz i dun wanna get rid of u.i know this post makes me sound desperate, again.but it's not a crime to have such feelings, right?ni la hati pompuan.fragile sgt.emo melampau!sket2 nk down, nk cdeyh2..owh crap!!i wanted to go to the riverside today.nk jerit kuat2.but my frens replied my msg a a bit late.klu pegi sorg2 nnt org kate gile plak.aargghhhh!!wtv.sumpah RINDU!!

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

*a walk to remember*

i was craving for sushi.the last time that i had sushi was during my i went to a japanese restaurant in downtown with 3 frens, including "T".owh yeah, we ate n talked a lot, that we spent 2hours in the restaurant. thre's one time that i came out with an idea, whre we have to start using our own language. Rocio n T speak Spanish, while Hang speaks Vietnamese. "ok, how do u guys say let's go??"i couldn't really get the word from Hang, but for spanish, it'll b "bamos"!lbeyh kurang la..but they like our "JOM"!n they can still remember it till now coz it's easy, how would u say when u're going to give something to someone, like "here" or in malay we just say "NAH!!" owh, this is my favourite coz in vietnamese, they say it as "DIE".sumpah lawak when all of us start to use it.die,, die,, we cant eat the sushi anymore..haha..galak gune that word!!we ate a lot, sgt FULL, smpi xlarat nk jalan.i din even have the energy to carry my bag.xpasal2 T jadi mangse bawak my bag.heh..kekenyangan yg melampau leads to mengantok yg we went to Hang's room, to drink coffee.coz after that we have to continue doing assgnmnts n studying. it was maghrib n i din hv much time left to i had to pray in Hang's room.mak aih, consciousnye nk solat dpn dorunk sume.last time solat dlm kete ok lagi.but seriously i have no choice. i'm glad  that they respect me while i'm praying by not making so much noise.they're a bit curious as well coz it's like my first time praying right in front of them. i wish i can share many things about Islam with them.they're good frens, not the type yg agak wild.even when we're in the restaurant and on the bus, we talked about our religion n cultures.Rocio n T are Catholic but Hang doesnt have any religions. it's good to have frens that can share many info with u n i feel happy too for telling them a lil bit about Islam. that night we were doing assgnmnts in a classroom, till i din realise that i've missed the last bus!oh gosh!!i forgot that it was Sunday, n the bus service stopped earlier than, how should i go back?i dont wanna walk in the middle of the night alone, coz last time my housemate told me not to walk home from school at night again.but suddenly T offered to walk me home.i was like, WHAT??are u suree??coz it'll b like half an hour walk.but he said it doesnt matter coz he always go for a walk at night n the weather is good as well.n he just din want me to walk home alone. alololo..sweetnyee..cettt!!*jangan caer!!*n yeah,  he walked me home, n we talked about so many things on our way.that reminds me of a walk that i had with's a walk to remember, that i can't even forget till now.if i were so strong, i would've thrown the memories for like thousands of miles's just that i can't. to b frank, i miss that person badly.. :(((( but back to "T", i think he has the potential to be a muslim. sometimes he used my laptop to check his emails, n he told me that his stepdad always sends him emails about God, n some messages with good lessons. he's quite close with his stepdad.he said that his stepdad will be so happy if he convert. *deep down in my heart, i'll b waaay happy if he becomes a muslim* at least his stepdad influences him by portraying good examples n all, that even make him not to smoke, drink, get involved with wild parties and so forth.ntah la..i just go with the flow.for now, i need to focus on studies.maen2 jugak.lepak2 jugak. alahai..ble la bole byr bil tepon ni..ssh kot nk contact sume silap, ssh kot org nk reach me.haaha..tbe2 rase rmi peminat.ngahahha.sengal~~ *ni la padah x pandai jimat duit habes sbb byk spend on food, xsalah, kn??at least bkn habes sbb njoy x bertempat*

Friday, March 26, 2010

bile dh jumpe satu kepale

seriously, this term byk enjoy.byk hangout, byk maen, byk segala bnde la.klu last term bole kre brape kali turon downtown tp dis term xterkire kot.kawan2 sume best, especially jumpe yg satu pale, yg sporting tahap mega, n jenis pandai balance between maen n studies.i can still remember whn i was struggling with 3classmates, Rocio Luis n Michael for VSEPR lab online's a 3-hour assgnmnt n we started doing it at the same time.siap kre, mcm nk lumbe lari plak.but the assgnmnt sgt mencabar jiwe dan rage coz thre are questions of diffrent levels n in order to proceed, evry level has to be perfect.if u happened to get 1out of 25 blanks wrong, u have to restart, but with diffrent questions.perghhh!!gle ah..we're stressed up, smpi mnjerit2 jugak dlm library tu.sgt kecoh kot, smpi org keliling pandang2.library la katekan. but we cooperated n helped each other.i'm super bad at this topic, so i always asked them to check for my answers before submitting.thre's one time i felt like giving up coz i only have one attempt left in order to proceed.sgt rase nk NANGES, but they tried to comfort me.takut, xnk jadi cm michael.balek awal sbb he has used all the 5 attempts.klakar maen game je, kalah kne balek awal.pasrah gle kot n i asked Rocio to click on the "grade answer" button n i left to the washroom.huhu.but miracle happened coz i managed to proceed to the nxt level.melompat jugak dekat library tu ha..n we tried our best in the nxt level, but we're not lucky enough to complete evrything in time. seriously that was the worse online assgnmnt that i've done.sgt menguji kesabaran!!grrrr..but the thing is, the assgnmnt only worth 1% n we're struggling like crazy with it!!bagos ke x bagos ni?hermm..n then we went to DQ for ice cream!!ubat tension tu!huhu..n this time Hang joined us.we had a good time thre,sumpah kecoh!haha..ala2 nk release tension..

the next day we're invited by a fren to go to LOUIS for USSU film festival.herm,, LOUIS is not a good place actually.ala2 PUB tp on campus.cuak jugak nk pegi that place for the first pk sbb nk support my fren punye movie, so i just went.muke cuak, tp kne tolak ngan my fren.perghhh..siyes bau beer!!busuk kott!!tp rupe2nye that place bkn bar semate-mate tp kre restaurant jugak.owh, now i know.*niat kne betul tu*huhu..i had fun watching the muvees by all the participants.creative n innovative sume.but of course i voted for my fren's muvee.for me it was a good muvee, but he din win tho he got the best cheer from the people.pelik jugak!adeyh..

Sempat maen kissing n love game.haha

then we went to DQ again!!haha..mmg tmpat lepak terbaek la.n for sure for ice cream!:))

owh, we had goooooooddd times here.there were 6 of us.rancak berborak, smpi x igt dunie.tmbh lagi melayan my new fren yang mabuk.i thought he's a muslim coz he's from lebanon n name pon ala2 muslim.skali mase kat LOUIS, pegi order beer..naseb baek "T" x minum at all.another good point for him!haha..

Em, back to my fren yg mabuk tu.*not in this pic.tersorok* mak aih..ckp pon dh mcm ape nk ckp byk gak tu.siyes lawak!!haha..n then we went to study till midnight..njoy mmg njoy, tp assgnmnt x leh lupe kot!that's y i like mereka2.. :))