Sunday, January 30, 2011

jgn pertikaikan please!

kalau org kate itu rezeki, bole tak jgn pertikaikan?? dah tuhan nk bagi org tu 2nd chance, terime jela! aarghhh!!! and please, bile bercakap tu tlg fikir org kiri kanan dulu bole tak?? eee,, pissed me off betol!! and as for myself, even though i screwed up ICPU n didn't pass the cut-off point but at least i tried my best when i'm here!! and alhamdulillah because i learn from my mistake, i think i even did better than some people who passed the cut-off point! so what i wanna say here is that, tlg jgn pertikaikan rezeki org laen bole tak? mane la tau org yg x berape nk perform mase pre-university akan perform lagi gempak kaw2 tahap mega tu?? haaa, tuah aym nampak di kaki, tapi tuah manusia siapa yg tau? so fikir-fikirkan la ye!

this is just a thought yg dah lame disimpan. lame dah, dari dulu lagi.tapi today baru nk rase luahkan.ecewaaah!

Monday, January 24, 2011

hello there!

hey hey!i know it's been a while that i didnt update my blog. so many things going on that i just wanted to keep them for myself. oh yeah, it's been a year since the last time my heart broke into pieces. ecewaaah! but hey, i'm such a tough person now!u jerk, out of my way! i got my own life now.busy busy busy! i dont even have time to think about relationship or whatever u wanna call it but I'M SERIOUSLY HAPPY! this term would be more organized i guess. less time to go for shopping, more time for other activities. being hi-comm for MASA, BSA and joining Horticulture club is enough for the responsibilities part. i'm extremely satisfied with my so-called 'reducing stress' plans right now
working out at the gym, put more weight for the weightlifting part,
running at the track,increase # of laps per week
finish all the tracks for wall climbing as for now i've reached 4/6 tops (faster than what i was expecting)
halaqah every friday and later riadhah with the sisters
badminton for some fridays
yoga for at least once in fortnight to b more flexible. hehe
swimming class is still in consideration
squash when there's more time
more snowboarding trips when i get hired (no money no snowboarding)
futsal every thursday and if we get to the play-off i'll b more than happy
but being the champion for this term is even better :)

revision for any exams/midterms or whatever has to be done for at least one week before!!

aarrghhh!!n for those who may concern, I CANT STAND CRYING BABIES ANYMORE!!! do u know that i'm so pissed off to have that kind off ppl in my life?? screw them!! come on, i learn how to survive tooo!! and please please please do improve yourself!! ah kau! kalau anak bongsu takpe jugak nk mengade lebih2. haiyak! i always at the receiving end, so dont expect much from me! sorry nk emo kejap. hehe