Tuesday, January 20, 2009

hari yg indah

i had a great weekend with my frenz : Nq, B, kulai, syami n my mr T of course..triple date in genting.. afta quite a long time we din hang out 2geda n dat wuz da bestest at diz moment.. like old times, but not really, n it's even better..1st time during ppm 07 n dat annot b cnsdred as d8 coz not all of us r in a relationship..but diz time da best thing is i wuz not alone like last time. me n nq were from subang n we had to meet up @cntrl..as wut they hv expected, we're l8.. bgn lmbt kot, but not really act..in gombak, we got 12pm bus. it's too l8 so wedcded to tke cabs to skyway. over budget la plak!!hhaish..diz is whre da best part began:

dunno y but evryone wuz not as cool as b4..kecuakan n nervous melande..n cable car bwat hal. stucked in between..my 1st experience of stopping in da middle..cuak seyh..but not me..others..haha..OUTDOOR!!! as usual. try da swing 1st!!mende wajib for warming up..haha.

afta dat, Cyclone!!!my greatest fear when i wuz kid!!shot!!takut!!xmaw naek!!huk3..plus, last time pic burok hell, smpi kne gelak ngan sume org..Geli perut dowh!n as expected, pic "cun" teramat!! gosh..nsb baek diz time ade geng..syami n nq pun klakar siot..haaha..but then, nmaruah dtebus mase roller coaster..cool gle..'ala..roller coaster x rase pape la..cnfrm bez!!criuz" heh..again, kecukan melande..n da pic showed it all..i'm da coolest i guess.. with a big smile to da camera..yes2!!sume jelez..hhaha..tp kulai muke bleh bwat poster kot, cool gle..xleh blah!! next thg is Space shot (solero)..hahah..takut!!cuak!!siyes xmaw naek!!tp ksian topek coz he nvr tried dat b4. i shud accomponied him but i dun hv da strength..dh q, tp kuar blek!!haha..x sggup!!geli perut teramat!!huk3..n last2 da three musketeers nk tunjuk macho..klakar siot xspecially syami..'tangan aku b'peluh', jeritnye..haha..smpi org bwah bleh dgr..nq, b n me terbahak2 gelak kat bwh..u guys wre damn funny!!haha..we tried many games diz time coz not many people wre thre..evryone njoy da momnt to da fullest..Spiderman is da best!!haha.like it sooo much!! coal mining train best,part geli perut skali je..tp lupe nk ckp kat nq n syami, n dorunk cm mrh..haha. afta dat dat dh xcaye wtv i said bout any games. smpi ajk naek flying dragon pun takut!!haha.. FD wuz my fav whn i wuz young..xgeli perut tp cm ganaz sket..we tied twice but nq n syami only joined us durg da 2nd time..syami klakar gle..xabez2 takut!!nq is even better..haha..penyu2.. tp topek always cool tho it's his 1st time..COnCLUSION: njoy sgt!!

INDOOR: not all games we ride 2geda..pening pale afta tgk 3d muvee..gle sket..afta a while, dh ok blek..jln2 n continued riding lots of games..at 1st wnted to play bowlg but we din hav enough time..so muvee saje la...'Body of Lies'...syami punye choice..n like usual, his choice mmg hampeh n bleh diingat smpi ble2..cte boring gle..fell asleep afta 5 minutes..uish..rugi saje..wtv it is, we really njoyed da trip..it's fun coz with frenz n da beluved one..heh..n on sun evrythg is over.. B n Nq went back..n i'm gonna miz 'em so much!!m looking forward for da nxt trip!! cameron>>fraser's hill>>pangkor>>genting???hahah..it's still early to think of..n i hope our relationship will last forever..the bond between friends is strong but with some mistakes, it can break easily..luv u guys!!

Thursday, January 15, 2009

am i stupid??

damn la..calculus at diz momnt is really stressfull. it's not bcoz of da subject itself but da teacher.. i can't help it la..ms foo seems to hate me..i dunno y..but i cn feel dat it started whn i askd her a question on da 1st day..i do undersatnd da question basically..but da way she taught made me scared n i can't gv da answer whn she asked..n 1 more thg i can't undrstnd is why she only aimed me tho thre were anothr 2 studnts wif me? x puas ati btol!!xpsl2 i kne hentam kaw2 la..2nd day pun kne lg..'YOU!!beautifully sitting at da back!!' i tot she aimed my fren at da back, but it turned out to be me!! haish..she tot dat i wrote nothg n only staring at her..owh plz la.. my paper dh pnuh tulis mcm2 at dat time..wtv la..bleh thn lg kot..but not today..fr da time being, today is da worst day for me(for calculs). we hv to show our hw to her..uish.gle sket ati la.. it's fine dat i did some mistakes. but, cn it b corrected in a proper way?? "AM I SOOO STUPID??" i know dat i'm not dat gud in math, n i dun evn like any kind of MAth at all!! owh..plz la.. i dun want it to b diz way..sumtimes i juz can't answr da questions bcoz she scolded me. not really bcoz i'm damn stupid..n xpyh la smpi nk pgg2 my telinge tho i'm "stupid" like she said..it's embarassing n criuzly hurt me mentally.. i'm in coll now, no longer school..n i shudn't b treated like a school kid..GIVE ME A CHANCE.. i dun want to study in fear..n even some of my classm8s realized dat she's kinda anti me..it's damn sad..i wud prefer last sem's classes.. all were damn nice..da teachers as well..i really hope i can adapt with da new environment.. n untill now i can't accept dat VONNY is no longer in Taylor's...i miz her like hell..huk3

Monday, January 12, 2009

m getting better

yeah..it's already in da 2nd week. azam baru kot!! wake up early!!!my aim for diz morning..heh.. kobar je lbeyh. skali bgn lmbt gak..ni sume sbb yesterday..room t'amat la bez utk tdo, n afta suboh tdo smpi zohor kowt..haish..insaf2.. n yet diz morng i managed to come for da 1st class. tho as usual, msok lmbat. xkesah la. n today in taylor's we hav dr mahathir's talk on global peace. at 1st i wanted to attend da talk, but then got two classes in between. physcs n calculus plak 2!!
haish. nnt tggl byk, dh la hampeh fr both suubjects. so better masok je claz..(insaf sket..heh)
n today 1st day msok claz LAN..kat surau bdk period 3 dh start ngumpat psl dat ustaz..tp xdela ngumpat ape pun..heh.. "korg, ustaz bru ok x? hensem x?" ...jawapan: 'ustaz gle hensem la, tp x iron sluar'..hahha. trok kot bdk2 zmn skrg..n mase nk tggu msok LT6, syida n me cm bet sapekah gerangan ustaz kami itu?? n rmi gle kot lalu kat hallway at dat time n i nmpk org cm sluar dh kedut2 sket. n tros bet dat person will b our ustaz..hhaaha.. YAY!!! i mng..btol dowh..'hensem' gle n sluar pun btol.. kah3.siyes jht ktorg ni..'WHAT ARE UR EXPECTATIONS FOR DIZ COURSE??'..
rmi kot jwpn lbh kurg..nvr mind. tp criuzly i wanna improve my knowledge about Islam n get better ideas about Islam when other people asked. tp b4 dat, "hani, nk tru ur jwpn bleh?"haha..tp nsb baek insaf sket, so jwpn kluar from da bottm of my heart..ece..nk jd alim blek kot. at least mcm mase kat coll dlu. x 'rosak' cm now.heh..
ustaz is juz fine..(since it's his first time teaching us)..n IELTS claz starts today.. i wanna b more criuz for diz claz. i wanna aim for band 8..uish..tggi sgt ke??xpela aim high aim high..insyaallah

Thursday, January 8, 2009

unlucky 1st week

i hope today will b earlier t reach coll. but then it doesnt turn out to b pretty well..
i went down earlier to catch da bus. but still, da luck is not on my side..again, i miz da bus.
q pnjg lyke hell n da buses r stucked in a very2 serious traffic jam. i've waited b4 7 but i manged to get da bus at 8.10..adoyh la.. abez la my 1st claz. smlm dh lmb, arini xmsok lgsg!! haish
reached coll almost 9 n i decided to join da 2nd period class. bwat mke tebal, msok claz org.
nsb baek mr BEn bg,,haha..bajet la x bg student nk blaja,kn..
sume org cm plik..'xpe2, i join diz claz for today jer'..haha..cm cnfrm je.. ade hrpn kne join lg kowt..n yet break in da 2nd period kre burn.. xkesah la. as long as dpt maintain attendnce yg cun..cnfdnt je.haha..wtv la.. others cm ok..calculus xblur sgt cm smlm..getting better..
awl lg kowt, so cm x ssh sgt..physics pun ok lg..classm8s as usual, ngarut byk..haha..tp bez..
n today ade meeting for JPA n MARA scholars, regarding universities application. n afta dat, we took a cab.. gare2 x maw berebut naek bus n berebut naek lif ngan bajuu2 putih..haha

aness dtg casa today wif her MMU frenz..we went out for a dinner @ taipan, wif dare n also aimi.
haha..lwk2, berhimpit dlm kete.. sume kne pezen kuros..haha..nsb baek x order sate smpi 100 cucuk..bez sembg, aness cm dh lame xjumpe..so cm dh hlg rindu kowt.haha.. aness, THANX FOR DA VISIT!!! appreciate sgt!! n also her frenz, ratna n ekin. thanx for da ride..heh

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

1st day of 2nd semester

Finally i've created my own blog. at diz moment..
Today is da 1st day of school, n i'm not in da mood of studying.
GOSH!! ssh hell nk bukak mate diz morning.. still early i guess..
haha.. afta kinda a long break, i've to wake up at 6 (act more than 6.heh). but thank god afta a while i've da strength to go to coll. but then 1st day dh bwat hal. i dun think i'm late, but subang has a very serious traffic jam. i was caught in da traffic jam n i wuz late for da 1st claz..haish
n here goes my new timetable:

1st period: Eng 4u- Mr Ben Murray
damn la.. 1st day dh lmbt. br je nk bwat record cun sket diz sem.haha
dh la kne lari naek smpi top floor, sempot2. n x psl2 kne duk blakg.
sorg2 plak 2!!haish..mampos la..sok tkr tempat!!haha

2nd period: BREAK!! heh..bleyh la breakfast proper sket.

3rd period: Calculus- Ms Foo
adoyh la..benci btol math2 ni..dh la calculus. lg mls!! n again, lmbt smpi claz!
slh timing, n yet have to seat at da back!! thank god dpt my housm8 jd
deskie. ok la sket. but then 1st day dh kne bwat revision. blur dowh.
lupe abez!! igt sket2 je..papela. n siap ade hw lg. no mattr wut, kne kobar
ni. adv func dh ckup hanco!!haha..

4th period: Physics- Mr Tan
wut da **** kne ambek physcs??!!haish.. benci sunggoh. again, msok lmbt
tp naseb baek aina dh book kn seat. thank god. today's claz gle bez. byk
ngarut!!haha. mr tan is damn nice. i'm gonna like physcs bcoz of him. i hope
so. bt some of da students ckp tan kemut bg markah. hah. xleh blah.
classmates not bad. xleh blah, hani is with me..tp duk jauh2. we shud. if not,
non-stop ckp kat dlm claz. heh

5th period: BREAK!!! diz time i can have a proper lunch. n also solat zohor. agak on time.
n dun have 2 rush like da last sem.

6th period: LAN- Mr Khairy kot. heh. but today still dun have claz.

But da BEST part for today is afta school.
i've waited for da bus from 3pm.
but lots of people r there n i miz da 1st bus. it's ok then
but da 2nd bus arrved very2 l8 n we decided to take public transport. but we're not lucky enough n we miz da bus again. takot malu kne gelak, so smbg jln..haha. we walked back to casa.
tp b4 dat sume cm klakar lyke hell kejar rapid kl..haha
gle lwk..n i dun have to mention those people involved..haha..nsb baek bas taylor's lalu jln laen. if not, mati kne gelak!!heh..
jln agak melenggang n gossips some more. then straight away go to mydin.
shoppng sket, n nsb baek x over budget.heh.
brg berat gel, skali lif bwat hal!! mak oii!! ground floor full dgn org2 b'baju putih.
lif 2 je bleh pki. gle lame kne tggu.. haish..n l8er we decided to use stairs.
dgn brg yg berat, pasrahkn jugak!! cdeyh gle..name je new buliding, tp lif slalu je bwat hal!!
smpi 8th floor, sempot thp mega. speechless..

siyes hari yg memenatkan!!huk3

wtv it is, it's juz a new start of diz sem. i didn't do well for da last sem. n no mttr wut,
i've to buck up!! dat's da most important thing..n i juz hope to have my own SILVER LINING.
wish me luck guys!!