Friday, July 30, 2010

When the keys are not there

I lock it well.if someone knocks it, i wont open it coz the keys are not with me. U stole it from me once n i let it be. u left me alone, but i could do nothing. When others tried to jump in, i dun give a damn. Coz the only thing that i know is u're the one with the keys, n nobody could have the same one

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Thursday, July 22, 2010

Terkejut mak, nyah!

G kl teman cousin g interview.dlm 2 days je, g rabu balek khamis. Tp dh alang2 turon kl kan, mesti la wajib singgah shopping jap. So i went to klcc dgn backpack n all.but the spirit is there la!! Penah ke shopping x semangat?haha.n i think my nafsu shopping is unstoppable la!n yesterday i have to stop swiping my credit card after spending in MNG n Vincci.mmg boros, tho i always think that i've to start ntah bile tah.shopping2 pon gune duit sewe rumah, so xyah la nk rase guilty lebih2.ece.ayat nk sedapkan hati.haha.wtv main point here is to crite about what happened yesterday. I bumped into a fren or mayb ex-fren la kot! Skali pandang mmg mcm kenal, but after staring at him for a few seconds, mmg sah2 la kenaaaaal! Sh**! Tu
Mmg first word la yg kuar. I dunno y in the world i have to bump into him. Mmg wrong place, at a wrong time. I dunno whether he saw me but i really hope he didnt la!! Pandang tempat laen dgn secepat mungkin,berdiri tegak, static tergamam n terkesima.shoot, rase nk tercabut jantong! Menggigil jugak kejap! I've to admit that i'm not ready to see any of them at all!! Sumpah gile nk mampos.habes spoil mood shopping sekejap! The old memories came across all of sudden!bengot laa..n plus, his new gf disgusted me la!! Menyampah je tengok!! Sori to say, but it was kind of nightmare to me..urrghhh!!! Siyes x nk jumpe of that kind anymoreeee.. Geraaaaam je rase. Panaasss2!! Eeee..Takot la nyah!! Trase over la plak!!haha. Wtv la. Mayb i've to think of duit jpa yg nk masok nxt week!! Haha.cant wait laaaa!

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