Thursday, May 28, 2009

it's getting more difficult

asl ssh sgt??
xpenah dpt mne2 paper yg ssh gle cmtu..
until now, yesterday' s paper wuz da toughest one in my whole life
spm is waaaaaaaaaay easier
cm nk mati je jwb soklan physcs smalm..
not enough time to think
n even to answer all da questions!
byk gle blank answer
it's suxx!!saket teramat..
cmne nk fly ni??
dh la m'harap kat physcs je ni..
calculus mmg dh lme xleh m'hrp..
eng plak xtaw la..
dgn mr. ben yg t'amat la strict..
cn miracle still happen?
feel like giving up
tp tuhan xsuke org yg cpt berputus asa..
jgn give up, ok??
fight till da end..
tho it's getting more difficult
"kalau adk xleh fly, jgn sesape mrh,k??"

Monday, May 25, 2009

give me wings to fly

final exam is juz around da corner..
am i prepared??
i dun think so..
i juz can hope for da miracle to happen..
with all da hardwork, stay up n all..
less sleep, n more study!
dat's da aim!
hope so..
n yes,
wif all da supports n prayers..
i need ur support!
blek kg laz weekend wuz a good moment..
my parents r always thre for the support n prayers..
i need wings to fly..
can i have da wings, people??!!
i'm not dat strong rite now..
i dun need u to hurt me,
but i need u for the support!
dat's all!